ToR for the Event Management

VSO Nepal

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ToR for the Event Management

Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Event management

Closing Workshop – SAHAJ

VSO Nepal

1.  Background

VSO has worked in Nepal since 1964, evolving our focus from service delivery in remote districts to our current approach of developing organizational, managerial, and civil society capacities to address poverty through volunteer programming. One of our key strengths is our ability to work at the community level where the needs are the greatest, sharing skills and experience strategically with people and organizations with the potential to contribute to development in Nepal effectively.


Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), in partnership with International Alert (IA), and the national and local partners, has been implementing a two-year project ‘’Strengthening Access to Holistic, Gender Response, and Accountable Justice (SAHAJ)” in Nepal under the funding of The Department for International Development/United Kingdom Aid (DFID/UKAID). This project is a part of – Integrated Programme for Strengthening Security and Justice (IP-SSJ) with an agreement of DFID with the Government of Nepal (GoN). The project aims to tackle the root causes of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and to improve the capacity of the security and justice system to provide protection and services to the most at-risk women and girls in Nepal through family-centered, school-centered, and grassroots-based accountability approaches.

SAHAJ project is coming to an end by October 2021. Hence, to share the best practices and findings from SAHAJ, VSO is organizing a national sharing workshop in 1st week of October 2021 in Kathmandu. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, VSO will organize the event by combining the physical presence of up to 30 representatives. In addition, the team from the province level will share their experiences and learning via online platforms.  

The target audiences in the workshop will be Nepal Women Commission, Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizen Of Nepal, Nepal Police, representatives of the British Embassy Kathmandu and other donor communities, SAHAJ consortium members, and the media. The event will tentatively run for three hours. 

2.  Objectives of Assignment 

To facilitate and organise the quality delivery of the event, VSO Nepal is seeking an event management company. 

Under direct supervision of VSO Nepal dedicated staff, the Event organizer team will be responsible for ensuring the arrangements, logistical, administrative, and preparation of the above event to run in a timely and effective manner.

3.  Scope of work for Event organiser

a.   Ensures smooth logistical preparation and execution focusing on achievement of the following results:

I.  Design event and the venue set up -indoor

i.  Ensure the screening of video documentaries/photos on a high-quality screen 

ii.  Setup over 14 stands where high quality photograph will be displayed with the caption (Outdoor and indoor).

iii.  Set up at least four booths (canopy)to showcase information on the key SAHAJ interventions. 

iv.  Setup a front desk where SAHAJ publications are displayed for sharing

v.  Prepare the kits that SAHAJ provides to share with the participants

vi.  Print the banner and manage interior event setting

II.   Arrange the photographic and videography service to cover the event. 

III.   Media management which will include preparation of media kit and coordinating with media houses for event coverage; media kit to provide by VSO 

b.   Weekly update on the progress status to the project unit and keep all relevant parties informed on issues and challenges faced for further solution/decision

c.   Arrangement of the big screen sharing of the online sharing event and ensure that the online sharing sessions are adequately managed (at least 6-8 virtual sharing via video call)

d.   Management of live screening of the event in VSO social media page; and

e.   Deliver any other tasks related to the event activities delegated by the VSO Nepal.

VSO will provide the following arrangements for the workshop;

  • Venue and meals for the event
  • Materials and folders to provide to the participants
  • Video documentaries
  • Soft copies of the photos and captions
  • Relevant publication (hard copies)

4.   Fee and payment arrangements

The total budget for this assignment should not exceed above NPR. 3,20,000.00 (three lakhs twenty thousand Nepali rupees only).

VSO will pay the amount to the firm in 2 tranches. The tax will be deducted from the total as per the rule of the Government of Nepal. 

  • 60% upon signing of contract and start of preparation for the event
  • 40% upon satisfactory completion and submission of the documentation of the event

5.  Ethical plan: Management/ Consultant team are required to set out their approach to ensuring complete compliance with international good practice regarding ethics and protocols, particularly with regards to safeguarding children and vulnerable groups.  Consideration should be given to:

  • Administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect in the event and;
  • Data protection and secure maintenance procedures for personal information. 

6.   Timeframe 

The duration of the service contract will be from 20 September to 15 October 2021. The closing workshop will be a half-day (3-4 hrs) event tentatively on the first week of October. 

7.   Selection criteria

  • Strong track record of organising workshops, conferences, and meetings for the international development organisations;
  • Strong experience in audio-visual showcasing, management of virtual and in-person events;
  • In-depth understanding of all logistics and protocols needed to ensure smooth event management and implementation;
  • Excellent event and project management skills, with experience in the coordinating across units and institutions;
  • Initiative and innovative energies with the ability to deal with rapidly shifting priorities and work demands;

8.   Reporting and coordination 

The event organizer will report to VSO SAHAJ’s Consortium Project Manager and work closely with the procurement team. 

9.   Application requirement and procudure: 

  • A cover letter and update CV.
  • Technical proposal which includes the methodology and proposed contents 
  • Financial Proposal 
  • Copy of company registration certificate 
  • Copy of PAN/VAT registration certificate (Required business PAN registration certificate for individual consultant)
  • Latest Tax Clearance Certificate FY 076/77 

10.   Reporting line 

The consultant will work closely with the Research Manager-SAHAJ Project and will report to the same. 

11.    Application submission

Interested firms are requested to send sealed Expression of Interest (EOI) to:

VSO Nepal 

Sanepa, Lalitpur

P.O. Box 207

Kathamndu Nepal

For further clarifications and inquiries, please get in touch with

Only short-listed team/experts will be notified.  Telephone inquiries will not be entertained.