ToR for Annual IT services

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ToR for Annual IT services

Terms of Reference (ToR) 

for Annual IT services for Hamro Samman Project office


Hamro Samman Project, a five-year project generously supported by the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the British people through UK aid implemented by Winrock International. The goal of Hamro Samman is to reduce the prevalence of trafficking in persons (TIP) in 10 strategically selected districts of Nepal.


The objective of this contract is to obtain the services from a reputed, experienced, and qualified firm/Individual who can provide efficient and preventive/corrective IT services including maintenance and repairs for the office electronic equipment that includes Computers, Photocopies, Scanners, printers as set below in the scope of work.


  • Setup, maintain and manage computers and other peripheral devices.
  • Setup, configure and manage network devices such as firewall, routers, switches, and other wireless devices.
  • Create and manage local Admin and user accounts. Coordinate with the Assigned 365 Admin or work with the Regional IT support for Winrock account setup and management.
  • Install and configure Windows 10 Pro OS, Office 365 and other Winrock authorized software.
  • Setup and configure standard Winrock applications such as Outlook, Teams, Onedrive, Docusign, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Visio, etc.
  • Check and activate Windows Defender antivirus with full functioning features. Checks and updates of antivirus when available.
  • Check and ensure that MFA and Microsoft Intune are installed and working on every computer.
  • Add free general used software like Adobe Reader, Internet Browser (Mozilla Firefox, Chrome) as per requirement of Winrock staff.
  • Backup, re-check and return of laptops before providing the laptop to any Winrock staff.
  • Identify the problem of provided laptops and provide appropriate suggestions for the enhancement or better performance of those laptops or desktop computers.
  • Repair or restore operating system in case of damage or crash without formatting.
  • Resolve network, printing, scanner, photocopier and other computer and related peripheral device issues.
  • Add necessary driver and Wi-Fi password in provided laptops/desktops.
  • Check and repair network connections, Hub / Switch and routers as necessary.
  • Perform regular computer maintenance and provide suggestion for upgrade or any improvement if necessary.
  • Assist in the procurement of IT equipment such as but is not limited to desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, printers, and other peripherals and network devices. Provide specifications based on Winrock specifications standards.
  • Conduct investigation, diagnosis, resolution, and recovery for hardware/software problems.
  • Regularly monitor Internet connection and coordinate with ISP if there is an issue. Provide recommendations for improvement if necessary.
  • Setup, monitor and ensure that Bit locker if enabled on every computer based on Winrock standard policy.
  • Work with Regional IT in setting-up and ensuring that all newly configured computers are joined to Winrock Azure domain.
  • Check and ensure that all newly configured computers follow Winrock standard computer naming conventions.
  • Be responsible for any damages done to equipment as a result of the service provider’s negligence.

(Please mention any other services that you provide beyond the above-mentioned services.)

Cost Quote:

Please provide the quotation on the following basis:

DetailsAmount (In NPR)Remarks
Rate per visit Quoted price must cover the rate for per visit regardless of equipment checked
Rate per monthQuoted per month rate to must cover at least 6 visits
S. NTentative number of equipment (This number might be slightly more or less over the period of year) 
1.45 Units Laptops Approx. (the no may increase)
2.1 Unit Desktop and 15 units LCD Monitor
3.16 Units Printers Approx. (Multifunction)
4.Few other electronic equipment (Multimedia Projectors)


  • Company profile which includes address, phone number, email and similar service experience (Firm)
  • Copy of Tax clearance certificate (Most recent)
  • Copy of VAT registration Certificate
  • Copy Company registration Certificate
  • Most recent Curriculum Vita (For Individual)
  • PAN registration is compulsory (For Individual)
  • Should have worked in this field for more than 2 years.
  • Should be available as per the requirement and request of the organization.
  • Non- disclosure of any of the official information and strictly maintain confidentiality

Any request for clarification on the required service can be sent to until July 23, 2021.Telephone requests will not be honored. The quotation must be submitted no later than 5:00 PM Nepal Time (NPT) on Saturday July 31, 2021, through email at