TOR/EoI for International Sign Language Interpretation

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TOR/EoI for International Sign Language Interpretation

Terms of Reference- Expression of Interest (EoI)

For international sign language interpretation, consultant: Agency/Individual

Period of Performance : November 2021 – January 2022

Issued on: September 20, 2021

EOI due on : October 02, 2021

1.  Introduction and Background

Social Inclusion and Gender is one of three core approaches in VSO. The other two being Social Accountability and Resilience. The core approaches represents VSO’s commitment to the most poor and marginalized and the structural injustices that affect their abilities to realize rights and wellbeing. VSO’s sees social inclusion and gender equality as a human rights issue and both a precondition for and indicator of sustainable people-centred development. It is a fundamental pillar of our work, as well as provide a justification for our current approach and commitments to tackling exclusion and discrimination. VSO has a commitment to accessibility for persons with disabilities and this assignment is primarily to ensure our position papers of social inclusion and gender, disability and gender-based violence are universally accessable in specific for deaf and hard of hearing people.

We are seeking proposal from vendors, agencies and individuals to provide qualified international sign language services to VSO, this is to ensure that deaf and hard of hearing people are able to access information of our position papers. The proposal should demonstrate the qualifications and ability to provide International Sign Language (ISL) services along with proof of examples on ISL.

2.  Objective

To ensure our position papers are accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people across the countries where we work.

3.  Major Deliverables

  • Produce 3 videos in international sign language (ISL) of our 3 position papers of social inclusion and gender, disability inclusion and gender-based violence.
  • Ensure the videos have adequate infographics and captioning along with high quality ISL interpretation

3.1 Specific Deliverables for Videos)

  1. Inception Workshop
  2. Develop the concept of video (visual style and idea of the flow along with speech that will be filmed).
  3. Score selection – Find and acquire/adapt as needed music files (copyrights license to music if applicable)
  4. Creating captions across the videos as required.
  5. Package and delivery
    • Final formats: 1) HD, 2) non-HD versions, and 3) Web-ready versions
    • Design and print DVD jewel case cover and output 2 DVD copies
    • Archive package of all usable footage including production design files and B roll.
  6. Submit all final videos.

4.  Production Process

  • Obtain briefing on the project from VSO
  • Review VSO brand guidelines and representative samples of compelling videos from around the VSO network.
  • Submit proposed project work plan and timeline for approval
  • Deliver draft documentary to VSO for feedback and approval (HD version)
  • Revise videos are needed to completion
  • Handover all assets including final files, raw footage, and layered production files (including music)
  • Handover two copies of final DVD.

5. Reporting Line

The Consultant will report to Mr. Praveen Kumar G, Lead Advisor, Social Inclusion and Ms. Geeta Devi Pradhan, Global Gender Adviser, VSO.

6. Equipment for the Assignment

All the equipment needed for this assignment will be provided by the contractor, no equipment to be purchased under this assignment.

7. Required Qualification and Experience

The consultancy firm will be required to have;

  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in video production both in production and post-production at national and international level standards
  • Must have proven track record in all required areas of production (including script writing, planning, cinematography, editing and mixing)
  • The agency or individual should provide proof of evidence of ISL interpreters certified by appropriate authority or university
  • Provide proof of evidence of videos of similar kind in the development sector and the interpretation videos should have appropriate infographics along with the video stream.
  • The interpreter should have the necessary licence for ISL
  • Ability to remain positive, upbeat, and hopeful in challenging development settings while also being respectful of the plight of vulnerable communities
  • Well-equipped with updated software and hardware to ensure smooth and high quality production. Adobe Premiere or Apple Final Cut preferred.
  • Additional experience in development communication will be an added advantage.

7.  Duration of Assignment

The consultancy period will be for a period of two months effective from contract signing date.

Consultant will submit a detailed work plan schedule which will be approved by VSO.

9.  Remuneration and Payment Procedures

The consultancy firm’s payment will be based on the financial proposal developed for this consultancy.

Payment will be made in two instalments:

   a)   First instalment of 50% will be made after submission of specific deliverable no 2, 3 and 4.

   b)  Final instalment of 50% will be made after successful delivery of the two final videos to (specific deliverable no 5, 6 and E-Major                       Deliverables) to VSO.

10.  Intellectual Property

The contract will be work for hire. Therefore, all planning and work products and all final outputs of this project will be the property of VSO. Except for purposes of this assignment, no information about the planning or production of the videos may be disclosed or used by the consultant without the written permission of the VSO Reporting Manager.

11.  Application Procedure

Consultancy firms are required to submit the following:

  • Letter of interest
  • Technical proposal which includes objectives and method with detailed timeline.
  • CVs of professional personnel and international sign language interpreters proposed for the project
  • Financial proposal indicating consultancy fee and a breakdown of expenses.
  • The technical and financial proposals must be submitted in separate sealed envelopes.
  • Copy of company registration certificate (Business PAN registration for independent persons/freelancers)
  • Copy of PAN/VAT registration certificate
  • Copy of latest tax clearance certificate for the FY 2076/77
  • 3-5 sample of previous productions in line with the technical and creative requirements of the project.

Please send your detailed proposal along with an example of a short video you have developed by 2nd October 2021 to the following email: