TOR Consultancy for South Asia Donor Market Analysis

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WaterAid is an international non-governmental organisation, focused on water, sanitation and hygiene. It was set up in 1981 as a response to the UN International Drinking Water decade (1981–1990). It operates in 34 countries as of 2018 The organization was first established by the UK water industry on 21 July 1981 as a charitable trust at their main office premises…

TOR Consultancy for South Asia Donor Market Analysis

Terms of Reference

Consultancy for South Asia Donor Market Analysis

1.  Background: Established in 1981, WaterAid is a leading international non-governmental organization working to advance sustainable access to water, sanitation and hygiene in 28 low and middle income countries around the world. In South Asia, WaterAid has been working in Bangladesh, Nepal, India and Pakistan for nearly two decades and more recently in Myanmar. These country programs are supported by the South Asia Regional Office of WaterAid(WA-SARO), headed by the Regional Director (and team) based out of Dhaka. WaterAid has worked on a new global 10 year strategy which will be launched early 2022. As follow up to this launch, the South Asia regional office and the country programs would be developing their own strategies, and program plans with clear links to the new global strategy. The new global strategy has four focus areas – District-wide sustainable and inclusive WASH services, Sustainable financing for WASH, integrating WASH into Climate programming, promoting hygiene and WASH integration into the health sector. These focus areas would be central to our business development initiatives and ways of working with the donors

A key part to the process moving forward, is around developing robust funding strategies and operational plans both at the regional and country levels that can bring in the resources needed to operationalize the new strategies and support our programmatic ambitions. To aid this process, WA SARO, plans to undertake a focused analysis of the donor market in the region.

2.  Current Status: All the WaterAid country programs in the region have developed their country specific fundraising strategies and plans based on the donor scoping studies undertaken and existing in-house knowledge and relationships with a number of donors built over the years. However, these will need to be reviewed/revised in the light of the new global strategy and the new global income maximization plans that take into account the changed donor landscape. The latter includes growing our restricted income with greater focus on commercial contracting and working with key private sector suppliers, working with financial institutions such as WB, ADB, AIIB, private sector partnerships and accessing climate financing. Securing more and better restricted funding to support our work across the region is a priority for WaterAid and there is need for up-to-date market information to form the basis of our fundraising strategy. WaterAid believes in order to remain relevant, we need to adjust our business development practices and approaches to effectively respond to and acquire resources from our existing partners as well as new/emerging players in the region

3.  Objective: To gather relevant and new donor information/intelligence that will help WaterAid SARO to increase our restricted funding by deepening/diversifying our donor base and strategic partnerships

3.1 The scope of work: WaterAid SARO plans to develop a regional Business Development Blueprint to inform and guide both regional/multi-country and country level funding ambitions. This document will also act as the bridge between WA’s Global Institutional Funding strategy and funding plans of WA Countries in the region. As part of this process, WA-SARO seeks a consultant/firm to undertake a focused donor scoping and analysis that will provide a timely and accurate view of potential income opportunities and strategic partnerships for priority areas of WaterAid’s work in South Asia. Multi-lateral and bilateral institutional donors, financial institutions, pooled funds, Asian philanthropy, Trusts and Foundations are included in scope and cover a range of funding mechanisms like grants, commercial tendering, competitive prizes and blended financing. The market scan will look at donor priorities and upcoming funding opportunities, and provide a cross section and forecast of donor trends for funding. The key audience for the market scan is the South Asia Leadership Team, Country Program funding focals and senior management team members of WA Country programs in the region.

3.2   Issues to be addressed:

  • Perspectives and viewpoints on donor trends on fundraising in South Asia, and overall opportunities that align with WA’s priority areas
  • Focus on information gaps within WA SARO and donor perspectives and insights on what is important to win work with these donors and how those match with WA’s South Asia priorities. 
  • Insights into who the donors consider their main partners/suppliers or potential partners in chosen areas of work, and added value of INGOs like WaterAid as a partner
  • Insights into key suppliers, corporate and other donors, relevant areas of work that align with WA focus and potential for partnership, including key contact details
  • Analysis of mechanisms for direct (or as part of the consortium) award and potential as well as upcoming opportunities with selected donor organizations
  • Identify common areas where WaterAid and donor could partner for technical collaboration or joint programming

3.3  Methodology: The market analysis include desk based research that cover review of all the internal documents, particularly existing donor scoping studies, funding and program strategies/plans of country programs in the region as well as interview/discussions with key WA staff and leadership. This is expected to give the consultant sufficient information on existing resources, areas of knowledge or capacity gaps which should be the focus of the market analysis. This would be followed by gathering relevant donor/supplier information/intelligence from secondary and primary sources. Overall it would be very important for the consultant to focus clearly on ‘gap’ areas and strictly avoid duplicating the already existing information. At the start of the consultancy WA SARO will provide the consultant all the necessary back-ground documents as well as contact details of staff/leaders that the consultant should interview/discuss.

3.4  Duration and Milestones: The consultancy is to be carried out over a period of 20 working days between Mid-january to Mid-march’22. While the consultant will provide a detailed workplan, (which would be discussed and agreed with WA SARO, the key milestones are listed below

  • Discussion with selected consultant to finalize the process, workplan etc and signing of the contract
  • Review of all relevant internal documents & discussion with key WA staff
  • Finalize the list of priority donors & suppliers
  • Gathering relevant secondary information
  • External interviews/discussions with key donor/supplier representatives
  • Review and feedback of the final draft report & other deliverables
  • Submission of final version of all the deliverables

4.   Consultancy Deliverables

4.1  Market scan report should cover the following

  • Summary (covering key findings and recommendations)  – 1 page
  • Brief overview of process, methodology and research questions – 1 page
  • Findings on each target donor (Bilateral/multi-national institutions, financial institutions, corporates, philanthropy – 1 page per donor) agreed. It should cover areas such as
    • priorities aligned to WA’s work in the region
    • investment analysis including multi-country/regional investments (if any),
    • contracting modalities (channels, types of funding),
    • key implementing partners/suppliers
    • potential engagement strategy for Wateraid
  • Findings on each target supplier covering areas such as strategic alignment, their donor and partner base relevant to WA and potential engagement strategy for wateraid – 1 page each
  • Comparative analysis, summary conclusions, and recommendations – 1 page

4.2  Key information that includes upcoming opportunities, any relevant donor intelligence in reference to the said opportunities, and key contact details, for each of the agreed list of donors and suppliers in a summary excel file

4.3 Power Point Presentation with key highlights of the process, findings and recommendations 

5.  Payment Terms

  • 50% will be paid at the start of the contract
  • 50% will be paid on satisfactory completion of all the deliverables

6.  Expertise

  • Extensive experience and knowledge of institutional funding landscape in South Asia (covering bilateral/multi-lateral institutions, financial institutions, pooled funds etc),
  • Proven ability to conduct high quality research into funding opportunities, and produce high quality reports in timely manner, including identifying/developing new funding pipelines
  • Strong network and experience of engaging with priority donors, and key prime/lead suppliers
  • Understanding and experience of working with Asian Corporate & Philanthropy
  • Past experience of developing relationship and consortia formation including securing high value contracts would be considered added value

7.  Management Arrangements.

  • The consultant will report to the Regional Funding Manager, WaterAid South Asia
  • Applicants will communicate their proposal and are advised to share fee rates as per deliverables.
  • All proposed rates will be deductible of taxes and WA SARO will be on standby to respond to the inquiries on the rates based on locations.

8.  Deadline and submission of Expression of Interest (EOI)

WA invites interested consultant(s)/firm to submit the  EoI documents by or before 6th January 2022

  • Consultant is requested to submit their EOl typed in English
  • A cover letter outlining how the consultant(s) meets the selection criteria and their understanding of the ToR, addressed to Regional Director, WaterAid-South Asia
  • EOI should consist of the following in no more than 2 pages
    • Summarized description of the scope of work and the intended methodology
    • Tentative workplan, along with activities and timeframe
    • Detailed financial offer (per day fees in Local currency; any other costs including in-country taxes should be given separately)
  • Along with the above the consultant should also submit:
    • CV of consultant and Team member (if any ), maximum 1 page, highlighting relevant experience)
    • Two examples of similar pieces of work completed recently attached (or with weblinks), along with contact details of the relevant staff of the organization for whom the work was done.
  • The EOI should be submitted electronically to the following e-mail: with subject line ‘Consultancy for Donor Market Analysis-South Asia

9.  EOI Evaluation

  • An evaluation committee will evaluate the EOI applying a set evaluation criteria covering relevant past experience, methodology & approach and financial offer
  • The final selection will be done following Quality and Cost Based (QCBS) method. This will be done by applying a weight of 0.80 (or 80 percent) and 0.20 (or 20 percent) respectively to the technical and financial offer of each evaluated proposal.
  • WaterAid reserves the right to accept and reject any proposal without assigning any reason or whatsoever 

10.  Negotiation

  • Once the proposals are evaluated, WaterAid SARO may enter into negotiation, if required, with one or more consultant(s)/firm for final selection.
  • If negotiations fail, WaterAid may invite the consultant with next highest score to negotiate a contract or go for re-advertisement with fresh EOI.
  • WaterAid reserves the right to cancel the EOI at any point of time without serving any notice. Furthermore, WaterAid has its absolute discretion to suspend and disqualify any EOI received without tendering any reason whatsoever. If none of the invited EOIs lead to an agreement, a new EOI will be called.

11.  Awarding of Contract

The selected consultant/firm is expected to sign an agreement with WaterAid within a week of communication of selection decision and before commencing the work.

12.  Information on Evaluation

Confidential Information relating to evaluation of EOI and recommendations concerning award will not be disclosed to the consultant/ firm who submitted the proposals or to other persons not officially concerned with the process, until the winning consultant/firm has been notified that it has been awarded the contract.


For any queries related to this EOI, you may contact JAISON THOMASRegional Funding Manager, WaterAid South Asia @