Terms of Reference (ToR)

Oxfam in Nepal

Oxfam has been working in Nepal since the early 1980s undertaking various development initiatives addressing the poverty and injustice faced by women and other socially and economically excluded groups. The level of Oxfam's engagement increased substantially after restoration of democracy in 1990 as it became easier for civil society to work in the new political environment. Over the years, Oxfam…

Terms of Reference (ToR)

Terms of Reference (ToR)

Procurement of Online Water Supply System Management Platform services to Rural Water Supply Management Board


Oxfam’s vision for Nepal is a just society without poverty, in which all women and men live a life of dignity, enjoy their rights, and assume their responsibilities as active citizens of Nepal. Oxfam country strategy has four clear goals: a) Strengthening women’s leadership; b) Resilient livelihood and financial security c) Increased coping capacity to disaster through localised risk management d) strong governance of water, environment management and climate emergency. Oxfam aims to contribute to reach this goal so that the people we work for gets ultimate benefit of the services that they are entitled to. 

Oxfam has been working with the community for a long period of time. We have been working in WASH and Water Governance for the accessibility of safe water to rural communities. Oxfam has constructed more than 200 Water Supply Scheme (WSS) in Hill and constructing two WSS in Sarlahi and Rautahat. For the sustainability of Rural Water Supply Scheme, Oxfam is piloting Alternative Management Model in two rural municipalities of Dhading and two municipalities of Sarlahi and Rautahat. The model has envisioned a municipal level Rural Water Supply Management Board (RWSMB) in each rural/municipality which will be responsible to manage all the water supply schemes of the respective rural municipality. There will be four municipal level RWSMB in all three districts. The project has a plan to support RWSMB to digitize the information’s, service system and monitoring mechanism of the water supply system through suitable online Water Supply Service Management Platform. This online platform will facilitate entire service systems like meter reading through mobile app, Billing & online bill payment, sms module, Financial account management system, inventory management, Lab module, dedicated app for customers response management, GIS mapping and central monitoring mechanism. 


Objective of this assignment is to digitize the information of water users and set up service mechanism as well as online monitoring mechanism through online platform from rural water supply management board. Specific objectives are: 

  • To procure and install online platform for RWSMB. 
  • Train and support on the use of the software for RWSMB and encourage users to make online payment. 

Expected services

A complete Online Water System Management platform with following features: 

  1. Customer registration and QR code creation of available Individual database (Approximately 35,000 individual databases have been already collected)  
  2. Mobile based meter reading through mobile app with the user of separate portable printer (both offline and online). 
  3. Billing module,
  4. Online bill payment. The software should be integrated with Payment Gateway licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank to enable online bill payment. 
  5. SMS services. Software should have SMS feature integrated
  6. Complete financial account management system (booking of income/linking the income from online payment gateway, expenditure, daybook, cash flow, balance sheet, easy bank reconciliation option, report generation as prescribed formats) 
  7. Inventory management/stock management. 
  8. GIS mapping of the structures and pipelines. (GIS mapping of structures are already done, and now only needs to be uploaded in the platforms’ that gets selected)
  9. Lab test module. 
  10. Dedicated app for Customers Response Management.
  11. Monitoring and reporting mechanism
  12. Other Features

            b.  Software should be based on both Nepali/English Language

            c.  The software should be cloud based

            d.  The mobile features should be operatable in both Android and IOS.

            e.  The Software shall support integration with Mobile Banking Apps of some banks, to enable water bill payment through those banks.

            f.  The software shall identify and install human resource management and payroll system for RWSMB

            g. The Company shall appoint and train the capable agents (shops, cyber, communication centre, etc) throughout the supply area to accept             water bill on behalf of RWSMB.

The user of online platform will be the RWSMB which will be providing services to approximately 4-6 thousand households by each. The selected service provider will need to ensure that most of the digital payment platforms available in the country are available in the platform or can be made available in near future. 

Scope of tasks will include, but may not be limited to the following: 

  1. Provide online platform with all the features mentioned above to 4 RWSMB. 
  2. Provide Technical Training Orientation to the Rural Water Supply Management Board (RWSMB) in Dhading (2), Sarlahi (1) and Rautahat (1) as a resource person-(2 slots in Terai and 2 in Dhading)
  3. Time to Time guide/support RWSMB to operate the online platform. 
  4. Modification/development of the features as per the need in future. 
  5. Tripartite agreement with Oxfam, Rural/Municipality and Board. 
  6. Provide one training to the project staffs on how to operate and monitor the service system. 
  7. Provide quarterly and annual report to Oxfam on the progress and performance of the services. 

Service Timeline

Oxfam will hire the service from interested service providing company/organizations for one year starting from mid of March 2022 to October 2022 with possibility of extension. 


According to the AMM model 4 RWSMB will receive technical services from qualified or selected service providers the payment will be done by Oxfam as per the contract on instalment basis based on the service performance of the service provider. 

Basic documents required for the submission of application

Other Documents:

  • Copy of VAT registration certificate.
  • Latest tax clearance certificate.
  • Company/organization registration and renewal documents. 
  • Detailed contact address including telephone, mobile, address, email etc.
  • Contact details (Name, Designation, Email address, Phone no. and Organisation) of at least 2 referees with whom the firm has worked before in similar consultancy assignment.
  • Company/organization profile with its experience in related sectors. 


Interested firm/company is required to submit an expression of interest through

with the following:

  1. Cover letter: A short cover letter
  2. Technical Proposal shall include:
    • Profile(s) of the consulting firm(s) along with CV of key personnel(s)
    • Understanding of the task to be accomplished
    • Features of the software
    • Consultancy framework or work plan.
  3. Financial Proposal: The financial proposal should provide complete cost estimates for the firm/company.

Evaluation Criteria

Technical Proposal: 80%  |  Financial Proposal: 20%

Detail Evaluation Criteria

1Demonstrated experience in developing similar software to water supply institutions30Valid Letter of recommendation is required
i>30 institutions30
ii20-29 institutions20
iii10-19 institutions10
iv<10 institutions5
2Human Resources and Work Plan30
iTeam Leader15At least 3 years of experience in related field.
iiSoftware Engineer/s10At least 3 years of experience in related field.
iiiSupport Staff and Work Plan5At least 2 years of experience in related field.
3Software Features20
iMobile based meter reading 2
iiBilling Module2
iiiOnline Payment2
vComplete Accounting Module4
viHuman Resource Management2
viiSMS feature2
viiiIntegration with Mobile Banking Apps2
ixDedicated app for Customers Response Management.2

Estimated Detail Budget breakdown

All amounts in <NPR>

HeadingUnitUnit Num.RateTotalRemarks
Software charge (one-time charge)RWSMB4
Cloud Hosting Charge (4 RWSMB)Month328 Months for 4 RWSMB
Maintenance Charge (4 RWSMB)RWSMB88 Months for 4 RWSMB
Sub total
Vat 13 %
Total Consultancy fee inclusive of VAT
Field visit Field trip cost as per actual (Per diem, accommodation, travel)LS1Not included in VAT invoice (The claim will be as per actual with original invoices) Per diem rate will be as per Oxfam policy.
Grand Total


The service provider will be paid in four instalments – 1st instalment (30%) after signing agreement,  2nd instalment (30%) after successfully and installation of the platform and providing training to the RWSMB, 35% after submission of system operation report and RWSMB 5% will be held for at most one year after the end of contract period. 

The consultant shall be fully responsibility for all taxes imposed by Government of Nepal. 

Confidentiality / Non-disclosure

All material issued in connection with this ToR shall remain the property of Oxfam in Nepal. All information provided shall be either returned to Oxfam in Nepal by unsuccessful applicants at the conclusion of the procurement exercise.

During the performance of the assignment or at any time after expiry or termination of the Agreement, the service provider shall not disclose to any person or otherwise make use of any confidential information which s/he has obtained or may in the course of this agreement relating to Oxfam in Nepal, the respondents or otherwise.

The service provider will be required to sign a non-disclosure / confidentiality agreement as part of their undertaking of this work. 

The local government may continue to use the service for future as per their need if the system delivers efficiency required for the local government.

To apply/ Response:

The Consulting VAT Registered Firm should submit the technical and financial proposal to Oxfam by 6 March 2022 before 5 pm via mail to consultancy_nepal@oxfam.org.uk, clearly mentioning the title of assignment in the email subject line “Online Water Supply System management” and not exceeding 15 MB. Application received with incomplete and later than above date will not be considered for further procurement