Terms of Reference (ToR) for Consultant Resource Person –Women Friendly Market System Training

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Terms of Reference (ToR) for Consultant Resource Person –Women Friendly Market System Training

1.       Background and Overview

Nepal is an agrarian country and women have made significant contributions in this sector. Various statistics evident that out of 65.5 percent of the working population in agriculture, 98 percent are women. Despite this dominance of women in agriculture their contribution has not been effectively recognized. The single key reason for this is lack of respect and undervaluation of women’s contribution. Desire, ability, or power and opportunity are an essential element for successful execution of any work. Amongst the various factors of empowerment, education, skills as well as leadership opportunities empower people and make them independent. Similarly, labour market, economic policy, legal and policy framework, gender values, social environment play important roles in economic empowerment.

These above mentioned & similar other factors have been lacking in the empowerment of women in Nepal. Many women are employed in agriculture production and processing, yet they are not closely linked to the market. Because of this, women have lesser access and control over the market resources. At the same time, there is a lack of women’s leadership as well as effective participation in market.

Generally, the word “women-friendly market” refers only to the physical structure of the market, where provision of women friendly infrastructures is in place. The concept of women friendly market has a boarder reference and cannot be limited to a physical infrastructure only. “Women-friendly market” refers to women’s access and meaningful participation in the marketplace. This concept refers to women friendly elements in every step of the value chain from production to consumption including women’s access to factors of production, product processing, product commercialization, marketing resources etc. Once every step of value chain becomes women friendly, then only we can claim to have a women friendly marketplace. Therefore, the initiative and concept of making every level of value chain and every stakeholder’s thought and practices women friendly is effectively a women friendly market.

Due to these circumstances, ActionAid Firmly believes that it is important for women to have access and control over of market resources along with their leadership and effective participation. This belief forms the premise for advocating the concept of women-friendly market.

2.       Objectives

The overall purpose of this consultancy assignment is to onboard an expert trainer/resource person to conduct a 3 day intensive training to the lead farmers, AAIN’s frontline partner staff and AAIN’s staffs to deepen their understanding on the concept of “women Friendly Market. Through this training, participants should develop a clear understanding of the women friendly market and it is important for gender equality and women empowerment

3.       Scope of Work
  • Prepare training session plan in consultation with AAIN representative based on the local context of working Palikas.
    • Prepare training materials for the training referencing the documents development by AAIN and other resource materials.
    • Conduct pre-evaluation and post evaluation of the training participants.
    • Conduct training session using the participatory method of learning including adult learning methods.
    • Support AAIN to prepare the post training action plan at the end of the training session.
    • Prepare training completion report and submit to the AAIN.
4.       Expected Deliverables

The resource person works closely with concern staff of AAIN to develop a training plan/module and lead the delivery of a three-days training. After completion of the training, the trainer will submit the training report.

5.       Timeframe

The three-days training will be held in Nepalgunj from 7th to 9th September 2022. Though as per mutual understanding additional days will be allocated for the preparatory work of training session preparation.

6.       Reporting

The consultant will work closely with and report to Livelihood and Natural Recourse Specialist of ActionAid International Nepal.

7.       Consultancy Fees and Payment Modality

AAIN would provide NPR 50,000 exclusive of tax for this assignment. The payment will be processed after the completion of the training. Trainers accommodation, food and travel expenses will be borne by AAIN as per AAIN’s policy.

  • Advanced University degree (Master Level minimum) in marketing or any other relevant discipline.
  • Minimum of 5 years of relevant practical field experience within one or more of the following areas: Markets, marketing, rural markets, women friendly markets etc.
  • Experience and knowledge in livelihood programming of Value chain analysis including practical ways of gender analysis and inclusion.
  • Excellent training and facilitation skills.
8.       Consultant’s Profile
9.       Proposal Evaluation Criteria
Key Areas for Proposal EvaluationWeightage
Technical Proposal Understanding of assignment and delivery approach (20 points)Demonstrated 2/3 years of experience in related research field (15 points)Demonstrated the capacity to carry out the assignment (20 points)Evidence of customer/ client satisfaction in terms of services provided in past (15 points)  40%
Financial Proposal A clear financial proposal linked to the technical proposal, highlighting key costs and any reimbursable expenses (if any) (30 points)  60%

1. Proposal Submission Guideline

Interested consultancy firms/ individuals who meet the above requirement should send their technical and financial proposals to jobs.nepal@actionaid.org by 3rd September 2022.

  • The proposal should demonstrate sound knowledge, technical skills and capability as required by the nature of the work of the assignment and understanding of the requisite tasks set forth in the terms of reference.
    • Eligible individual should submit their individual/ organisation profile and financial proposal.
    • At least two positive references/recommendations from past employers must be submitted.
    • Enclose a copy of citizenship certificate and PAN certificate (in case of individual)