Terms of Reference for Adapt Itinerant Teachers’ Training Guideline

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HI is an independent and impartial international solidarity organization, which intervenes in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflicts and disasters. Working alongside people with disabilities and vulnerable populations, it acts and bears witness, to meet their essential needs, to improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and their fundamental rights.

Terms of Reference for Adapt Itinerant Teachers’ Training Guideline

Name of Project: Strengthening the Inclusion of Children with Disabilities in Early Childhood Education and Development (ECED) in Nepal

Title of Action: Adapt Itinerant Teachers’ training guideline

Handicap International (HI), operating name Humanity & Inclusion is an independent and impartial not for profit organization working in situation of poverty and exclusion, conflict, and disaster. Since 2000, HI has been working in Nepal with Persons with Disabilities and vulnerable populations, focusing on their essential needs, improvement of their living conditions and promotion of their dignity and fundamental rights.

HI is implementing different inclusive education project among which Strengthening the Inclusion of Children with Disabilities in Early Childhood Education and Development (ECED) in Nepal is only one for ECED sector. The focus is at the federal level, developing guidelines, tools, material packages and training materials. Seto Gurans (SG) in Partnership with Handicap International and funding support from UNICEF Nepal is implementing Inclusive ECED project. The major objective of the project is to:-

  1. Create and pilot a roadmap for identification and holistic support creation for children with disabilities in the context of ECED. 
  2. Support the inclusion of children with additional needs and minor disabilities in the ECD
  3. centres by utilizing picture-aided communication and activity-idea sharing 
  4. Create and implement an online teacher capacity building training material package covering identified topics and pilot the materials with identified stakeholders
  5. Along the same lines, the project will mainly focus on the development of needful tools, training packages, manual, learning materials etc. the geographical coverage would be more at the federal level

Rationale and Context of the Assignment:

Along with the Constitution of Nepal 2072, there are various policies and plans such as the National Education Policy 2076, School Sector Development Plan 2016-2023, Disability Act 2017 and recently the School Education Sector Plan in place that guarantee the right of access to free basic education for all children regardless of their type of disability. However, despite the provision, children with disabilities are more likely to be out of school/ECED centre. Numerous barriers keep children with disabilities out of the educational/learning opportunity. In case of children with severe and multiple disabilities, the situation is even worse as commuting them to school daily is a hassle for parents and caregivers. 

In such a scenario, the Itinerant Teachers or the mobile teachers can play a significant role in imparting education to children with disabilities or those who are unable to go to school and ECED centre. The concept of Itinerant Teachers is like the School Outreach Program, which envisages that if a child cannot go to the school, the school must go to a child.  Therefore, the Itinerant Teachers are kind of a bridge between children, their parents/homes and schools/ECED centres. However, their capacity is very limited, and they lack adequate competencies to employ a range of appropriate pedagogical techniques and approaches for teaching a diverse group of students. 

Therefore, this training manual is expected to enhance the knowledge of itinerant teacher on inclusive education, different dimensions of functional limitation/disabilities and also enhance their capacity with the skills of current trend and development in inclusive teaching practices in the ECED context.

Scope of Work

Based on the background mentioned above, the consultant will be recruited who will be responsible for collaborating to adapt an itinerant teacher’s guideline for Inclusive ECED; by reviewing the existing itinerant teachers’ guidelines, manuals developed by HI, and considering the project data and information. The itinerant teacher package should support to further strengthen the itinerant teachers’ capacity on inclusive ECED, Inclusive Education and ECED context. The major objective is to develop and finalize the itinerant teacher’s guideline manual which consists of entire details on inclusive ECED with specific focus on children with disabilities and major components on what itinerant teacher must cover. 

The document should be in Nepali and English both. The consultant needs to facilitate and participate on the consultation workshop and sharing of the guideline developed. 

The work does not demand travel to the field. It is a desk work to be completed where the consultant is based on.

Experience and skill set required

  • Minimum master’s degree in education/Inclusive Education/Disability or social science
  • Minimum five years’ experience of designing and developing training content, and manual and facilitating.  
  • Knowledge and skills on contemporary issues and experience on how to support children with developmental disability, multiple and profound/severe disabilities, and knowledge on ECED. 
  • Knowledge and experience in the field of ECED and Inclusive Education and disability is highly preferred. 
  • Prior experience of developing Itinerant Teacher is highly preferred.
  • A good command of the Nepali and English languages 
  • Ability to produce quality work within deadline and under pressure 
  • Positive attitude, integrity, and commitment to child safeguarding

Service Duration and Location 

The consultant work will be responsible to develop one itinerant teacher guideline with both English and Nepali language. The assignment is expected to start by end of August, upon signing of the contract between the consultant and HI and will finish by the Mid-September 2022.

Work Schedule 

Estimated Commencement Date: 19th Aug 2022

Estimated End Date: 9th September 2022

1Detail action planBy 19th Aug 2022
2Meeting with HI and SG and other partners if requiredAt least 3 times during the agreement
3Draft training manual/incorporating feedback from the project teamBy 31st Aug 2022/5th September
4Final version of itinerant guideline with all in co-operation8th September 2022


Deliverable 1: Deliver final version of itinerant guideline for Inclusive ECED in both English and Nepali

Contact person from HI

Within the framework of the service provision, the consultant will be asked to collaborate with HI’s team who will be defined by HI later and who will be the point of contact.


Cost of service provision: Consultant should propose required budget for this consultancy (lead consultant and team members as per the requirement) and cost should be including TDS which will be deducted as per the Government tax policy.

Payment terms and conditions: At the end of assignment and by bank transfer and cheque. 

Required document 

  • A brief concept note highlighting the methodological design including work plan, and quality assurance mechanism and proposed consultancy fees
  • The document should have annexed biodata of the assignment team member/s
  • PAN Registration Certificate

Please send a cover letter and required documents to e-mail:  p.neupane@hi.org the deadline for submitting the application is 16th August 2022Please indicate the consultancy title while applying for about your cover letter.