Request for Quotation – Renovation, Wash Facilities & Toilets Construction Work

Social Development Center

Social Development Centre (SDC) Mahottari is non-political and non-profitable NGO established in 1996 by a group of Terai marginalized group’s activists. Since then, SDC is fully dedicated to work in humanitarian assistance, community development, livelihood, Child Well Being, and environmental protection mainly in the Terai region of Nepal through the humanitarian and long-term development projects.

Request for Quotation – Renovation, Wash Facilities & Toilets Construction Work

Request for Quotation

Renovation, Wash Facilities & Toilets Construction Work

RFQ NO: RFQ NO. SDC/WVI/2022/0042

Date of Publication: 27th August 2022

Social Development Centre Nepal, Mahottari (SDC Nepal) in a collaboration with World Vision International Nepal (WVI Nepal) is procuring Work service (renovation/construction) for wash facilities and ECD class room in below mentioned two RMs of Mahottari district under IPP4BC Project and therefore, invites Quotations from eligible/registered bidders for the same. Bidders who have eligibility of 3 years of work experience in construction sector can participate in quotation process.

1.  Bidders can receive an electronic copy of a complete set of RFQ documents from 27th August 2022 up to 6th of September 2022 upon the submission of application along with copy of legal documents (VAT, Registration, Updated license, Tax clearance) in below email address. 

2.  All quotations accompanied by contractor’s technical must be submitted in accordance with the Instruction to Bidders latest by 5:00 PM on 6th of September 2022 in the address given below. Technical Proposal will be opened at SDC office in the presence of Bidder’s representatives who choose to attend at 1:00 PM on next day.

3.  All bids accompanied by bid security (2.5% of quoted price) must be submitted with bid. 

Package IDLocationType of Work (each package one unit)Estimated cos with VAT(NRS)
SDC/SW/079/01Janta Basic School,Parsa-03, EkdaraECD school building renovations675,492.00
SDC/SW/079/02Janta Aharbhoot Bidyalaya, Chakwa-04, EkdaraECD school building renovations522,749.00
SDC/SW/079/03Shree Munari Adharbhoot Bidyalay Bhatauliya-03, EkdaraECD school building renovations299,764.00
SDC/SW/079/04Shree Adharbhoot Bidyalay,Bageya-06, EkdaraECD school building and Toilets/Handwash renovations906,925.00
SDC/SW/079/05Shree Janta Adharbhoot Bidhyalya, Bhagahiya-04, EkdaraToilets/Handwash renovations495,367.00
SDC/SW/079/06Shree Baliram Ma. Vi, Pokarabhinda Sangrampur-05, SamsiECD school building and Toilets/Handwash renovations1,034,975.00
SDC/SW/079/07Shree Rastriya Ma. Vi, Parsa_Dewar-02, SamsiECD school building and Toilets/Handwash renovations1,116,525.00
SDC/SW/079/08Shree Sarwajanik Rastriya Ma. Vi, Gaidhabhetpur, SamsiECD school building renovations350,128.00

4.  SDC Mahottari reserves the right to accept or reject, wholly or partially any or all the bids without assigning any reason, whatsoever.

5.  The addresses referred to above is:

Social Development Center Jaleshwar Municipality- 02, Mahottari,

Ph: 044-520783, Email:

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