Request for Proposal for Translation

Pro Public

Pro Public, a non-profit and non-governmental organization, is looking for an experienced, dynamic, self-motivated and creative candidate for the following project and position.

Request for Proposal for Translation


Pro Public, a non-profit, a non-governmental organization dedicated to the cause of public interest, was founded in 1991 by a consortium of environmental lawyers, journalists, economists, engineers, consumers and women rights activists. Its focus over the years has been on good governance, conflict transformation and peace-building, community mediation, protection of natural and cultural heritage, environmental justice, pollution control, gender justice and consumer protection. Pro Public has consistently succeeded in creating government accountability in Nepal through media campaigns, advocacy, negotiation, correspondence and public interest litigation, mediation trainings, psychosocial support, nonviolent communication trainings to support the peace building and conflict transformation process. 

Since 2019, Pro public with funding opportunity by Civil peace service program(CPSP)/GIZ  have piloted and implemented the Non-violent communication practices which is one of the tools of Infrastructures of Peace in four schools of Nepal. Based on the experiences, “Coloring Nepal with NVC (Nonviolent communication)” which is the project name was reviewed and as a material a book named “Nonviolent communication: A language of Life” developed by the founder of NVC Marshall Rosenberg was planned to be translated in Nepal language. This Terms of Reference (ToR) is made for the consultancy assignment of translating the “Nonviolent communication: A language of Life” into Nepali language. 

Objective of the assignment

The specific objectives of this activity for translation of Professional translation of “Nonviolent Communication: A language of life” by Marshall B. Rosenberg into Nepali (264 pages book) are to: 

A. Develop a professionally translated copy of the book into Nepali language.

B. Add more resources to NVC community and prepare for the publication of book in near future.

Scope of the Assignment

A. Deliver the activity and process with professional engagement; 

B. Submit the initial draft after completion of each 100 pages for the review

C. Making necessary changes over the drafts if needed as per the feedbacks from the reviewers, publishers or as identified by Pro Public; 

D. Prepare the necessary discussion materials (content and presentation) and submit it to Pro Public prior to the meeting; 

E. The final draft of the translated book need to be submitted by no later than 10 working days after the feedbacks from the side of NVC practitioners,  language editors, and the organization.

Required Qualification:

A. Minimum four years of proven experience and expertise in professional translation (written) English to Nepali and vice versa; 

B. Updated knowledge about the various technical terms used in Nonviolence communication; 

C. Excellent  communication skills; 

D. Positive attitude towards learning and professional integrity; 

E. Experience of working in NVC including above mentioned competencies will be as additional values; 

F. Notary authority of translation will be of additional benefit. 

How to apply

Interested qualified service providers/firms/individuals are requested to submit their applications along with the following documents bythe 26th of September, 2022 Nepali time via email:

  • Financial proposal with either daily rate or rate per page or lump sum rate of 264 pages book.
  • Updated CVs of consultant highlighting the relevant experience, expertise and qualifications.
  • Copies of testimonials of experience and expertise or Reference(s) of recent similar assignment (contact details) if possible.
  • PAN/VAT registration
  • Translated publications that help you to show your strength in this particular task. 

Note: Organization will have the full right to accept or reject the applications received.

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