Request for Proposal “Collect Testimonials of Returnee Migrants”

IOM Nepal

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) - a related organization of the United Nations - is the leading intergovernmental organization in the field of migration. It works to meet the growing operational challenges of migration, advance understanding of migration issues, encourage social and economic development through migration and uphold the well-being and human rights of migrants.

Request for Proposal “Collect Testimonials of Returnee Migrants”

International Organization for Migration (IOM) 

Kathmandu, Nepal 

Request for Proposal

In the framework of project “IOM, Dakchayata project, the IOM Office in Kathmandu requests for proposals from prospective service providers for “Collecting Testimonials of Returnee Migrants”. Interested companies are requested to follow below link for further details.

Link Here:

Published Date: June 26, 2022

19 05 Request for Proposal for Services (RFP-S)-updated July 2012.doc (

The Proposals must be delivered by hand or through mail to IOM with office address at [] on or before [July 10, 2022]. No late proposal shall be accepted.