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Save the Children

Save the Children has been operating in Nepal since 1976. Our programs to improve the lives of children in Nepal are guided by the National Plan of Action for Children and the UN Millennium Development Goals. As the largest child-focused organization in the Nepal, we cover a wide geographical area with multiple programs that support our vision for all children…

Request for Proposal

Background on Save the Children

Save the Children is the leading global independent organization for children. Save the Children believes every child deserves a future. Around the world, we work every day to give children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn, and protection from harm. When crisis strikes and children are most vulnerable, we are alwags among the first to respond and the last to leave. We ensure children’s unique needs are met and their voices are heard. We deliver lasting results for millions of children, including those hardest to reach.

We do whatever it takes for children — every day and in times of crisis — transforming their lives and the future we share.

Our vision: A world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development, and participation.

Our mission: To inspire breakthroughs in the wag the world treats children, and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives. Our values: Accountability, ambition, collaboration, creativity and integrity.
We are committed to ensuring our resources are used as efficiently as possible, in order to focus them on achieving maximum impact for

Background information/context
Save the Children, together with local partners, is implementing the Integrated Program — Sahagatra – II funded by NORAD in three of the most remote districts of Nepal in Karnali State: Jajarkot, Dailekh and Kalikot. The project aims to improve the status of education, protection, and child rights with a special focus on children from the most deprived and marginalized community over five gears (2019-2023).The project is called ‘Integrated’ as it is designed to address the issues of quality learning environment, child rights situation, creating safe, supportive and protective environment for children at school and community settings.To ensure the relevance of the program at local level, existing partners and children have been involved in the designing phase of the program through initial discussions, consultation and workshops.

Article 39 (7) of the Constitution of Nepal 2015 states that no child shall be subjected to physical, mental, or and other forms of torture at home, in school, or in ang other places or situations. Following the constitutional provision, Nepal enacted a new Children’s Act on 18 September 2018 which stands for prohibition of corporal punishment at all settings including school and home. Nepal is the 54th country in the world and first in South Asia to ban corporal punishment in all setting through its legislation. Section 7(5) of the Children’s Act 2018 states that each child has a right to be protected against all tgpes of physical or mental violence and punishment, neglect, inhumane behaviour, gender based, or discriminatory abuse, sexual abuse and exploitation committed bg his/her father, mother, other familg members or guardian, teacher or and other person. In addition, Clause 66 (d) considers physical and humiliating punishment as a crime against children subjected to a fine up to NPR 50,000 and a gear of imprisonment as per Clause 72 (3)(a). These provision in the Children’s Act is an outcome of a decade-long advocacy and campaigns against physical and humiliating punishment initiated bg Save the Children and local civil society organizations. Despite the provision in the Constitution and Children’s Act, most of the teachers across the country continue to use physical and humiliating punishment to keep children in discipline, and most of the teachers are not aware about the alternative ideas of punishment.

Nepal has progressed in terms of policies, law and act related to children, however the number of cases of violence against children remains largely unreported, that may compromise their right to education and protection.

Everg child deserves to be safe and secure in school, home and community so that theg can learn, grow and develop the skills and confidence theg need to lead healthy and prosperous lives. Schools, home and communities have the potential to be transformative in promoting positive social norms and gender equality. But for too many girls and boys in Nepal, school and home is a place of violence and fear. Home and schools also provide a valuable entry point for working with families and communities to end violence against children more broadly. Physical, sexual and psychological violence in and around schools, including online, affects children and young people everywhere.Violence is often a result of unequal gender and power dynamics. Girls and bogs experience different forms of violence. Girls are more likely to experience psychological bullying, sexual violence and harassment; boys more likely to experience corporal punishment and physical violence; children who do not conform to gender norms or stereotypes are particularly vulnerable to violence and bullying. Children with disabilities are more than three times as likely as their peers to suffer physical violence in schools.

Violence impedes learning and is detrimental to children’s well-being. It decreases self-esteem, reduces attendance, lowers grades, leads many children to drop out of school altogether and can result in serious health issues.


  • Develop five days user friendly training manual with adequate references on positive discipline, social emotional learning and GESI

targeting to the primary level teachers.The training will be organized for at least eight hours excluding the logistic hours per day.

  • Pilot and facilitate five dags ToT on the developed training manual to the SCI, partner and government staffs.
  • Finalize the training manual based on the ToT and the feedback received from the participants and learning ofToTThe manual will be

developed in Nepali language.

Location and official travel involved

Consultant will work independently, remotely and under flexible hours however must submit progress updates and fulfill deliverables on agreed timeline.All tasks should be carried out from own office/home except facilitation ofToT (ToT will be conducted face to face) will possibly be organized at Surkhet.. So the consultant should travel to Surkhet for facilitating the ToT. Every interventions should be completed in close coordination with Save the Children team.

Services the Supplier will

  • Develop a detailed workplan highlighting the key delivery dates, collect feedback from Save the Children and finalization.
  • Set-up a Content Advisory Group bg ensuring representation of manual writer, SC focal persons and convene consultation meetings as per the need
  • Develop detail outline of training manual based on the documents shared by SCI and finalize in consultation with Save the Children
  • Develop manual that embeds games, story, dramatic and interesting narration focusing to adult learning
  • Consult with SC focal team throughout of the development cgcle
  • Prepare power point presentation of training manual in Nepali, collect feedback from Save the Children and finalization.
  • Develop high quality manual in Nepali language and make improvements until obtaining final sign-off from Media and Communication department
  • Prepare work completion report of ToT and share to Save the Children

Experience and skill set required

  • Minimum five gears’ experience of designing and developing training content, and manual and facilitating the teacher and positive discipline, SEL, and GESI related trainings
  • Knowledge and skills on contemporary issues of positive discipline, social-emotional learning & GESI and learning without fear
  • Knowledge and skill on facilitating ToT related to education issues.
  • Advanced University Degree (Master) in Education/ social sciences, or other related disciplines
  • An excellent command of the Nepali languages — written, spoken, and oral
  • Ability to produce quality work within deadline and under pressure
  • Positive attitude, integrity,and commitment to child safeguarding

Expected Deliverables

SCI expects the following deliverables to be provided:

Deliverable numberDeliverable titleDescriptionFormat and style
1Detail action planPlan       should      indicate        the    tasks, timeline     and       responsibilities  of
consultant and Save the Children.
Matrix                (no prescribed        format available)
2Development plan of training manualPlan       should       present      conceptual framework    of    manual     (overall objective,      session           wise objective,
content, methods.) of each session.
Brief         narrative summary
3Draft training manualDetail      draft       training        manual including           reference     in                     Nepali
language for
SC team feedback.
Written document
4Final             version             of training       manual         for organizing ToTAddress final version after addressing the feedbackWritten document
5Facilitation ofToTConsultant should facilitate one ToT
and               develop       a   summary       report highlighting             major        feedback obtained.              SCI                 will  support       in gathering required numbers of participants and also SC will cover the cost of training except trainer.
Audio          streaming and          narrative report
6Share the final version of manualShare      the    final       training      manual
including power point presentation addressing the feedback and learning ofToT.
Written       document
and PPT
7Financial documents
All required documents to claim the prescribed


Estimated Commencement Date:10 May 2022 Estimated End Date:25 June 2022

Deliverable numberDeliverable titleSubmit toDelivery date
1Detail action planSCI Project Lead25 May 2022
2Manual development planSCI Project Lead27 May 2022
3Draft          training                manual/ incorporating feedback of SCSCI Project Lead9 June 20221 19 June 2022
4Final version of training manualSCI Project Lead26 June 2022
5Facilitation ofToTSCI Project Lead27 June 30 June 2022

Financial Proposal

Save the Children seeks value for money in its work. This does not necessarily mean “lowest cost”, but quality of the service and reasonableness of the proposed costs. Proposals shall include personnel allocation (role/number of days / daily rates/taxes), as well as any other applicable costs.

How to Apply

Proposals Submission Guideline/Required Documents

An interested team of professional experienced consultants should submit below mentioned documents by May 22, 2022………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Filled out Consultancy Proposal Form and Bidder Response Document (enclosed with this ToR)

  • CV(s) of the proposed consultant(s) with full date of birth in dd/mm/yyyy format.
  • For firms: Copies of- Firm registration certificate, VAT registration certificate, and latest Tax clearance certificate. For firms that are tax exempted by the government, a copy of the tax exemption certificate should be submitted.
  • For Individuals (Nepali): Copies of citizenship certificate and VAT registration certificate. An application letter including remuneration requirements (daily rate) and contact information for three work-related referees
  • Applications not including all the above information will not be reviewed. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

If an individual is a full-time staff member of another organization, a no-objection/consent letter signed by the organization head must be submitted along with the proposal. This is not applicable to proposals sent through a firm.

Proposals should be submitted via email to: procurementmfwfo.nepal© [The proposals can be dropped at the reception of Save the Children office]:

Procurement Coordinator — Sourcing

Supply Chain Department

Save the Children, MFWFO- Office

Birendranagar Municipality, Kalunchok, Surkhet Tel: +977-083-525756

Detailed Information on TOR