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Mercy Corps is an international, non-governmental humanitarian relief and development agency that exists to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people to build secure, productive and just communities. Mercy Corps was established in 1979, and has headquarters in the USA and UK. Since 1979, Mercy Corps has worked in over 100 countries. Mercy Corps currently works in 41 countries…

Request For Proposal

Development of Guideline for ” Investment models for Flood Resilience: Small scale solutions for community disaster management committees and local governments “


Mercy Corps is a leading global organization powered by the belief that a better world is possible. In disaster, in hardship, in more than 40 countries around the world, we partner to put bold solutions into action — helping people triumph over adversity and build stronger communities from within, now, and for the future. Mercy Corps has been operating in Nepal since 2005, implementing programs in food security, agriculture, market development, financial services, girl’s education, climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction. We take a systems-based approach in our programming, with the aim of improving the lives and potential of vulnerable individuals and communities across Nepal. 

The Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance is a consortium of nine organizations with the objective of improving investment, policy, and practice for flood resilience. In Nepal, the partner organizations are Practical Action and the IFRC. Mercy Corps serves as the lead for advocacy in Nepal (and globally) and works with partners to improve investment and policy for DRR/CCA, including floods at the national, provincial (mainly Province 7), and local government levels. Following COVID-19, the Alliance in Nepal and globally, is focusing on supporting governments to take a climate risk informed approach to socio-economic recovery programs.

Purpose / Project Description:

This assignment aims to provide investment models for the local government and community disaster management committees to plan, budget and implement risk mitigation and preparedness focused small scale interventions for flood resilience. These models vary from low cost structural to nonstructural measures. This model will also support the stakeholders for decision making based on various needs assessment, vulnerability, and capacity assessment. The models provide detailed requirements to plan, budget and implement these activities. The product of this assignment will support developing understanding of stakeholders in low-cost interventions that can be easily implemented, upscaled and replicated. This will also help influence and provide technical assistance to local government and other stakeholders on planning and designing low-cost solutions for flood resilience. 

The other objectives of this assignment are: 

  • Prepare the guideline that provides the basic design and implementation activities by the CDMCs and local governments on flood resilience.
  • Prepare the guiding document that provides the framework of the activities and implementation modality 
  • Prepare the overview of standard guiding document for the Interventions planning and Design activities framework to be carried out by the CDMC and Local government.
  • Prepare and provide the evidence related guiding document for informed decision making on intervention design and ex-ante investment in flood resilience carried out by the communities.

Consultant Objectives:

The major objective of the consultant is to create and provide the conceptual framework leading to design and implementation model of activity that will be led by the CDMC and local governments. These activities might come from community vulnerability exercises, various resilience measurement tools, identified through the annual and periodic planning process of the local governments.  

Methodology: (not limited to)

The assignment will be based on the primary and secondary data collection. Furthermore, the consultant is required to review and resource the FRMC related guidelines and resource materials (project setup, study setup, data collection and Grading; समुदायको बाढी उत्थानसिलता मापन ढाँचा एवंम उपकरण बारे आधारभुत जानकारी, From Results & Analysis to intervention Planning etc).

  • Review of the Intervention planning Information: Refer to the Interventions listing done by the communities
  • Review of secondary resource materials related to FRMC: to validate and complement with the intervention planning information and further secondary sources of guidance document generated by Flood resilience alliance needs a review.
  • Draft Design and Implementation Plan preparation: Consultant will analyse both Review of the Intervention planning Information & Review of secondary resource materials related to FRMC to prepare the Draft design and implementation plan documentation.
  • The Draft guidance document will be shared with the team for the feedbacks
  • Publication of Final Design and implementation plan. 

Approach of the Assignment

  • Provide the framework of the conceptual planning and design document directives of the activities and interventions design and ex-ante investment in flood resilience
  • Prepare the cases/major learning from the Interventions planning/design carried out by the communities for flood resilience 
  • Prepare the integrated guideline that incorporated the   modality of the Interventions (ex-post and ex-ante) leading to inclusion in Local level planning.
  • Model cases publication of the activities and interventions that can be carried out by the CDMC and the Local governments
  • These models should include the operational approach, implementation guidelines and estimated costs of the models.


  • Initial Assessment/Inception Report depicting the methodology and framework of the guideline
  • Draft report with the models, operational approach, implementation guidelines, estimated costs of the models and case studies 
  • Final report with feedbacks incorporated from Mercy Corps 
  • Finalised Guideline in Nepali Language

Timeline/duration of assignment: 45 working days from May -June 15, 2022.

Payment method: Consultancy Service fee will be paid upon completion of the deliverable and submission of invoice/report as specified in the agreement.

Reports Directly to:  Policy and Advocacy Specialist- ZFRA, Mercy Corps Nepal

Works Directly with: MCN Senior Project Officer, DRR Technical Advisor-MRED, MCN Communications Specialist, ZFRA Advocacy Manager

Knowledge and Experience of the Team Leader

  • At least a Master level degree in Environmental Science/Engineering/Climate Science, Disaster Risk Management/Civil Engineering and or relevant discipline  
  • Should have strong experience of writing on Conceptual framework notes, Directives and implementation guideline documentation, Implementation modality features of the CDMC on the Local level planning etc.
  • Able to provide the implementation of the planning activities with provision of guidance documentation for the implementation features of the project in relation to CDMC, Local government
  • Able to synthesize qualitative/quantitative information as needed from various data sources and provide cogent and concise summaries and analysis leading for a good flow of project implementation reference document.
  • Able to think critically and work collaboratively with Project staff to determine the most relevant information from data sources for providing the reference guiding document. 
  • Demonstrated experience in synthesizing complex information, producing high-quality documentation, and writing for audiences in the development sector. 
  • Previous experience and background knowledge of the community context of Nepal
  • Fluency in both English and Nepali required.
  • Policy level writing of the guideline/directives on planning and implementation documentation is required.

Mercy Corps Nepal invites eligible firms or individual consultant to send their proposal along with as following documents in the given address with the Title “Development of Guideline for-Investment models for Flood Resilience: Small scale solutions for community disaster management committees and local governments ” by 29 April 2022.

  • Cover Letter
  • VAT/PAN Certificate (Must be registered at VAT)
  • Technical and Financial Proposal 
  • Sample of Previous Similar works 
  • Update CV of proposed consultant