Invitations for Quotation

Rural Community Development Centre

The Rural Community Development Centre is a non-profit making and non-governmental locally based organisation, located rurally, that has a contact office at Silgadhi, Doti. In the beginning, this organisation was established as a club (Gramin Utthan Yuwa Club) with the objective of creating awareness among local communities through various social awareness programmes. After a few years, it got an opportunity…

Invitations for Quotation

1.Call : Rural Community Development Centre an organization working on the sector of the disaster risk reduction, food security/ nutrition and community asset building to build the resilient capacity of the vulnerable community invites the sealed quotations from the eligible vendor/supplier to purchase none local construction materials for implementing Cash for work and Life Search and Rescue (LSAR) Materials to strengthening the Community emergency operation centre (CEOC) and Local emergency operation centre (LEOC) for taking initiatives for life search and rescue while in rapid and slow onset disaster occurs at community and local level.2.Objectives:Objectives of the sealed quotation invitation is to

  • Ensure the competitive prices of proposed materials to be procured
  • Finalize the eligible vendor from among the quotation submitter
  • Determine the mechanism material supply to the organization
  • Applying the transparent selection process of supplier selection

3.Material list to be procured:

  • none local construction materials
  • Life Search and Rescue (LSAR) Materials

4.Process to apply the quotation:

  • First of all interested vendor need to receive the prescribe quotations form the RCDC which will be available on the written request on
  • Vendor can submit their quotations hard copies with authentic certification via email to the RCDC

5.Requires document:Vendors are requested to submit the following documents along with quotation for completing the process of the quotation evaluations.Following

  • Cover letter
  • Appropriate price rate of purchase proposed materials including rate of transportation to respective area of programme ( e.g ward 3,6,7 of Soru RM , ward 6,7,8,9 of Khatyad RM and ward no 12 and 13 of Chhayanth Rara Municipality of Mugu district )
  • Form registrations certificate
  • Audit report and Tax clearance certificate
  • VAT registration certifications
  • Citizenship certificate of proprietor
  • Self-declaration letter for assurance of the materials delivery according to committed on the quotations
  • Letter of Authorization for representation on the behalf of forms

6.Date, time and venue to submit the Quotation documents:Interest forms are quested to drop/send their quotation as per following date, time, venue or email

All right reserve with RCDC for rejection and acceptance on submitted quotations according to their committed rate, Brand and full set of submitted quotation document eligibility which does not meet the criteria. Phone calls are not entertained during the period of the quotation evaluation in regards of effecting on the quotations evaluation process.