Expression of Interest for Vendor Listing

Ipas Nepal

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Expression of Interest for Vendor Listing

Expression of Interest for Vendor Listing

Ipas Nepal invites qualified vendors/suppliers to provide various goods and services for FY23 (1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023). Vendors/service providers interested to be listed in the vendor roster are requested to submit their Expression of Interest.

  1. Vehicle Rental Service- Provide vehicle rental service in all provinces of Nepal
  2. Law Firm- Provide legal advice/opinion to Ipas as deemed necessary
  3. Insurance- Provide medical/accidental insurance to Ipas staff/dependent and insure Ipas Nepal property/equipment
  4. Audit Firm- To conduct statutory audit for FY23
  5. Office equipment & IT hardware- Laptop, printer, LCD projector, UPS, photocopy machine, other IT equipment.
  6. Stationery- Office stationery supplies
  7. Grocery supplies- cleaning supplies, pantry/kitchen supplies and other grocery items
  8. Furniture and furnishing fixtures- Supply of various furniture items
  9. Maintenance services- Air conditioners, electricity, solar system and battery, online UPS,  plumbing, sewage, carpentry, and  generator
  10. Printing, designing- Printing, publishing and designing works
  11. Advertisement- Advertising services
  12. Transportation- Transportation of goods
  13. Medical supplies- Medicines, medical and surgical supplies/equipment.
  14. Office promotional items- Supply of promotional items such as bag, jacket, T-shirt, mug, souvenir, and other items.

Interested vendors to submit company profile, copy of valid company registration certificate, copy of VAT/PAN registered certificate, and latest tax clearance documents by 11 May 2022.

Submission Procedures:

Hard Copy Submission: The hard copy documents should be enclosed in a sealed envelope with Subject- Ipas Nepal, EOI FY23 vendor listing and mention the category you are interested in from the above list.

Address- To, Procurement Unit, Ipas Nepal- Baluwatar, Thirbam Sadak, Do Cha Marg, Ward No- 4, Telephone No- 01-4420787.


Soft Copy Submission: Submit scanned copy of documents online (email to: with Subject- Ipas Nepal, EOI FY23 vendor listing and mention the category you are interested in from the above list. 

Ipas Nepal reserves the right to reject any submission and make the final selection decision.