EOI for Consultancy Services


Human Rights and Environment Development Center (HuRENDEC) is a leading non- profit making Non- Government Organization (NGO) registered in Kalikot district. Kalikot is a mountainous district of mid- western development region of Nepal lying in the southwest part of Karnali zone. It consists of 3 municipalities and 7 rural municipalities. Since its’ official establishment in 1996 (2053), HuRENDEC has been…

EOI for Consultancy Services

Human Rights and Environment Development Centre (HuRENDEC) Nepal, Kalikot has been established in Kalikot and working in Karnali region for more than 2 decade. The organization has been working on need based action orientated multi-disciplinary areas through social mobilization especially focusing on human rights, livelihood, micro enterprise, infrastructure, climate change, cash for work, lobby/advocacy, empowerment, disaster management, natural resource management and eco friendly infrastructure. 

Building Hope Along  Karnali River Basin (BHAKARI) project is being implemented by HuRENDEC Kalikot with support from Mercy Corps Nepal in 5 municipalities of Kalikot district. For this program, HuRENDEC Nepal invites Expression of Interest (EoI) from the qualified individuals/firms/companies to Prepare Disaster, Preparedness and Response Plan (DPRP). The detail scope of EoI is as follows:

Scope of Work Template for Consultants

Consultancy Title:  Preparation of  Disaster, Preparedness and Response Plan (DPRP)

Project Location(s):  Suvakalika Rural Municipality Mahawai Rural Municipality, Tilagupha Municipality, Khandachakra Municipality and Narharinath Rural Municipality of Kalikot district.


BHAKARI program has initiated by Mercy Corps Nepal from October 2020 to enhance food and nutrition security, reduce future humanitarian caseload and improve the resilience of communities to recurrent shocks in the Karnali Province in Nepal. This is a Multi-Year Emergency Food Security Activity funded by USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Affairs, with a goal to enhance food and nutrition security, reduce future humanitarian caseload, and improve the resilience of communities to recurrent shocks in 21 Palika of 6 districts (Mugu, Jumla, Kalikot, Surkhet, Achham, and Dailekh, with cluster hubs in Surkhet and Jumla) in the Karnali River Basin area. The BHAKARI, is built upon many of the successes of the Nepal team’s previous Food for Peace program which ended in January 2020, the PAHAL program, but with some new districts and a much heavier emphasis on emergency response. It includes program components of agriculture and market systems, disaster risk reduction, water for productive use, natural resources management, and a large emphasis on a gender and social inclusion approach, all with a highly integrated multi-sectoral approach.

The local government has a vital role and responsibility to strengthen the disaster risk reduction (DRR) and emergency response system and mechanism by assessing the risks and preparing accordingly for anticipated disaster. The DPRP will be a key document and tool for the local government to prepare and respond to disaster/emergency. 

Consultant Objectives:

The main objective of this consultancy is to develop the Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan (DPRP) of BHAKARI working Palika. The DPRP will support the local government for the better preparedness and effective emergency assistance support includes the actions and guidance that have to be taken immediately before, during and after the disaster. The following are the associated objectives of this consultancy;

  • Collect and review the secondary information and data related to the disaster preparedness and response in respective Municipality/Palika;
  • Facilitate the workshop and Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) during the process of developing the DPRP,
  • Recommend preparedness and response actions for each highly impacting the natural hazards.

Qualification of Consultant/s or firm 

Individual/s or firms are eligible for provide this service. The specific criteria are as belows;

  • Demonstrated experience working with the local governments to conduct Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (VCA), preparation of Local Disaster and Climate Resilience Plan (LDCRP), Local Adaptation Plan of Action (LAPA), Local Disaster Risk Management Plan (LDRMP) and Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan (DPRP).
  • If any consultancy firm/s are interested in applying for more than one district, they need to propose separate consultants/facilitators for each district.  
  • Experience in developing DPRP at the District and Palika level would have a strong advantage.    
  • Excellent stakeholder engagement skills and ability to coordinate with diverse stakeholders such as the public organizations; private sector actors and community level organizations;
  • At least 3 years of working experience in Disaster Risk Management (DRM) sector and preparation of LDCRP or LDRMP or DDRMP or DPRP(at least one plan) as a lead consultant. 
  • Excellent analytical and writing skills in Nepali. 

Consultant Activities:

The consultant/s or consulting firm should adhere to Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan Formulation Guideline (Revised, 2076) for the preparation of the DPRP. The assignment will be undertaken through (but not limited to) desk review, consultation with project team and partners, municipal authorities, communities through key informant interviews, focus group discussion and/or  utilization of participatory assessment tools along with scientific tools (as required). The consultant in the proposal shall clearly outline the process, methodology and tools to apply for the preparation of DPRP.

Consultant Deliverables:

The consultant/s or consulting firm are expected to deliver high quality DPRP documents to the Municipal Government. The key deliverables and payment schedule is presented in the following table;

  • Inception report including analysis of secondary data and information for the respective Palikas, Work Plan, Timeline and Outline for the Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan (DPRP) 
  • Draft copy of a Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan (DPRP) for the review and feedback to Mercy Corps Nepal team and the local Government/Palika. This draft should present highlights of the key natural hazards and reoccurring shocks and stresses. Recommendation for the better preparedness and emergency response actions
  • Final of the Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan (DPRP) assessment incorporating comments, feedback and review from Mercy Corps Nepal and the local Government/Palika’s endorsement of the DPRP 

Timeframe / Schedule:

Submit a copy of Inception Report with proposed work plan, timeline and outline for Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan (DPRP)Within 1 week of after signing the contract30% of the total contract amount
Submit a copy of draft Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan (DPRP) for feedbacks and suggestionsWithin 4 weeks of after submitting a inception report 40% of the contract amount
Submit final copy of the Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan (DPRP)Within 3  weeks of submitting a draft DPRP30% of the contract amount

The Consultant will report to: 

The consultant will report to the Program Coordinator and District Coordinator of BHAKARI program/Mercy Corps Nepal.

The Consultant will work closely with: work closely with the DRR- Officer, Supervisor, Program coordinator and other relevant BHAKARI consortium members. 

Interested candidates or consultancy firms are requested to submit/send documents clearly to vacancy.hurendec@gmail.coby 15th December, 2021.

HuRENDEC Nepal reserves the right to qualify/disqualify application in any case. If any queries, please contact to;

Human Rights and Environment Development Center (HuRENDEC) Nepal

Manma, Kalikot, Contact no. 087 440152, 440198