Call for Roster

Youth Innovation Lab

Youth Innovation Lab (YI-Lab) is a not-for-profit civic tech company that works at the intersection of emerging cutting-edge technological tools and their applications by equipping young professionals to solve emerging challenges in our community. YI-Lab’s mission statement is, ‘to engage young people to bridge science to people and policy through innovation’. YI-Lab harnesses indigenous knowledge, citizen science approach, develops low-cost technological…

Call for Roster

Call for Roster

This call is for the enlistment in our roster to place the qualified vendors and consultants – individuals/firms for the year July 2022- June 2023 (Shrawan 2079- Asadh 2080) in order to expedite our forthcoming assignments. We invite the enlistment of individuals and vendors in the following areas of expertise:

A. Vendors for:

  1. Stationery (Office Supplies, Folders, Printing Papers, etc.)
  2. Insurance Services (Accidental, Health, Asset, etc.)
  3. Travel and Ticketing (Vehicle Rental, Air Ticketing- national and international, Shuttle Services)
  4. Equipment and Supplies (Electronics, Inverter/Generator, Air Conditioning, Furnishing Services)
  5. Groceries (Regular Office Supplies, Toiletries, Water, Gas)
  6. Printing and Publications (Graphic Designs, Reports, Maps, Journals, Branding of Office Stationery and Supplies)
  7. Courier Services (Delivery of Goods and Office Equipment)
  8. Communication (Internet Service, Telephone, Cloud Services, SAAS, PAAS)
  9. Recruitment Services (Human Resources-Full-time/ Part-time/ Support Staff)
  10. Repair and Maintenance (Plumbing, Furniture, Electricity, Electronics, Vehicle)
  11. Hospitality (Events, Food, Accommodation, Recreation, Retreats)

B. Consultants – Individuals /Firms for:

  1. Thematic Technical Experts (Frontend, Backend, Full-stack, UI/UX, DevOps, Quality Assurance, Mobile application, GIS, Data Analyst, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning)
  2. Legal Consultant (Notary, By-laws and Regulation, Advisory)
  3. Translator/Interpreter
  4. Videography, Photography, and Animation
  5. Research and Studies (Baseline, Impact Analysis, Project Monitoring and Evaluation, Independent Research)

Interested vendors, individuals, and firms to submit the following documents:

A. Vendors: Organization registration certificate, PAN/VAT registration certificate, list of services provided (if available), and capacity statement/ organization profile.

B.1. Consultant Firms: Organizational profile, company registration certificate, certificate of tax clearance (if available), and VAT registration certificate.

B.2. Consultant Individuals: Curriculum Vitae with referees, copy of citizenship certificate, PAN/VAT registration certificate, and experience/recommendation letter from previous clients.

 Please send the required documents via email to or by 15th July 2022 Friday, 5:30 PM, or in a sealed envelope to the following address: “Youth Innovation Lab, Bishalnagar, KMC-5, Kathmandu.”

For further information, contact Youth Innovation Lab on 9851115919 between 9.00 am – 5.30 pm.