Minimum Monthly Wages/Salary In Nepal 2078/2021 Set At Rs 15,000

Government of Nepal issued a notice in the Nepal Gazette on 3rd May 2021, announcing the minimum wage of workers will be raised by more than 11 per cent with effect from July 16, 2021. 

The ministry has stated that the salary would be raised to Rs 15,000, which includes Rs 9,385 in basic salary and Rs 5,615 inflation allowance. 

The Government of Nepal has revised the minimum wages/salary of the workers other than those working in the tea estate. Detailed break down of the salary is tabulated below:

Minimum WagesBasic SalaryDearness AllowanceTotal (Rs)
MonthlyRs 9385Rs 5615Rs 15000
DailyRs 361Rs 216Rs 577
HourlyRs 48Rs 29Rs 77

Currently, the minimum salary of the workers is Rs 13,450 per month.
For more details please find the notice published on Nepali Gazette

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