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Job Information

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    Duty Station Nepal
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    Type of Appointment Full time
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    No. of Openings 1 opening
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    Salary Negotiable / Monthly
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    Job Level : Mid-Level
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    Job Experience : As Per Job Detail
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    Job Category Development & Project
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    Job Qualification : Diploma
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    Posted Date : Sep 06, 2022

Job Description

Title:               Trainee Sub-engineer

Duration:        9 months. One- month theoretical classes followed by 4 months deputed in Trail Bridge Support Unit (TBSU) and 4 months deputed in Local Motorable Bridge Support Unit (LRBSU).

Location:        Provincial Offices of TBSU and LRBSU with frequent travel to the field (at least 70%-time field accompaniment). However, the place of posting can be changed as per project’s need

Reporting to: Assigned Supervisor/Mentor/Coach


The Trainee Sub-engineer will acquire in depth knowledge, skills and experience in trail bridge and motorable bridge building. S/he will be responsible to learn and assist TBSU and LRBSU Provincial teams for:

acquiring knowledge on the national strategies, norms/standards, guidelines, and manuals of trail bridges and motorable bridges

social and technical support / supervision in construction of trail bridges of both Short Span Trail Bridges (SSTBs) and Long Span Trail Bridges (LSTBs)

technical support / supervision in construction of motorable bridges

Roles and Responsibilities (While working in TBSU):

The roles and responsibilities given below are to be carried out under the guidance/ supervision of assigned Supervisor/Mentor/Coach. Hence, most of the tasks of this position are to acquire know-how by participating and assisting Trail Bridge Engineer (TBE) in the following activities:

1. Compliance of Code of Conduct

Comply with all applicable Helvetas Code of Conduct and relevant policies.

2. Planning, Monitoring and Reporting

Develop and maintain good working relationship with all stakeholders

Learn and support TBE to implement trail bridge programme based on Trail Bridge Strategy and Trail Bridge Sector Wide Approach (TB SWAp) Framework-III in terms of budgeting, planning, applying the prioritization formula and working modalities for SSTB and LSTB bridges

Learn about entering data and management of monitoring systems (Programme Monitoring Information System, Trail Bridge Strategy Information System and Bridge Record)

Support TBE to assist provincial partners and NGOs to ensure that NGOs prepares and submits timely progress reprots in compliance of their respective ToRs following standard format and manuals of TB-SWAp

3. Site Selection, Survey / Design and DPR Preparation

Support Provincial Technical Assistance Providers (PTAPs) and NGOs in conducting social and technical feasibility studies.

Support PTAP and NGOs to prepare DPRs (Site selection, survey, design and cost estimate) of SSTB ensuring the compliance with all norms/standards and guidelines.

Support PTAP to review of DPRs prepared by NGOs.

4. Site Supervision / Technical Support of TB Construction (Both SSTB & LSTB)

Make site visits at all milestones of construction phase (as far as possible during the deputation period)

Support PTAP in site visits at critical milestones of construction phase to understand quality monitoring purpose

Support PTAP to ensure that all the rectification works, which are identified during site visits are completed

5. Social

Support TBE, PTAP and NGOs to ensure the social activities (Public Hearing, Public Review and Public Audit at the community level) are carried out following social guidelines

Learn and support TBE, PTAP and NGOs for social monitoring during the bridge process – from the community agreement till the completion of the bridge

Support TEB, PTAPs and NGOs to monitor implementation as per the Gender Equity and Social Inclusion Policy (GESIP)

All above functions shall be delivered by assisting Trail Bridge Engineer and by co-working with the PTAP team.

Role and Responsibility (While working in LRBSU)

Under the overall guidance and supervision of the Provincial Bridge Coordinator, s/he will be responsible for construction supervision, quality control, reporting of the bridges in planning and under construction in the districts. In detail, trainee Sub-engineer with the help of the line manager and supervisors shall carry out following main tasks:

1. Planning and budgeting:

Support Provincial government in annual motorable bridge planning and budget preparation

Support Provincial government in preparing the Procurement Plans and submitting it to LBS/DOLI,

Monitor the application of Bridge Screening and Prioritization Criteria (BSPC) in the selection and planning of bridges,

Support Provincial government in preparing Annual/Trimester Reports also including Statement of Expenses and Claims for expenditures in time.

2. Survey, design and cost estimate:

Work with local committees during walk over and detail surveys for selection of appropriate bridge site

Assist in designing and costs estimation of the bridge and its optimization, forward to Provincial government for approval

Support to update district bridge record and demands into central Bridge Information and Management System (BIMS).

3. Construction supervision and quality assurance:

Supervise the works of the contractor and ensure a good quality of work and report it to the Provincial government and the Bridge Section of Provincial government

Perform all the tasks related with and necessary for the payment of the completed works.

Make progress reports and status reports regarding on-going bridge construction.

Assist Bridge Section (BS) of Provincial government to inspect the construction works / bridge in the defect liability period and assist to finalize the construction contract.

4. Support in promoting social inclusion:

In close collaboration with Technical and Social Safeguard Officers (TSSOs), support Provincial government in monitoring social inclusion, identifying disadvantaged groups (DAGs) for their participation in the programme

Ensure and monitor social inclusion and gender equity in various stages of bridge construction. Ensure that related bridge building training packages are catered to the needs of DAGs, ensuring employment, to women and DAGs,

Ensure the safety and welfare issues related to workers insurance, gender equity etc.

5. Procurement Coordination, Quality Control and Monitoring:

Monitor that the local level procurement conforms to acceptable quality, established rates, specification, norms, standards and guidelines

Assist Regional government to ensure quality of procured goods and works

Collect samples of goods and get them tested at the laboratory if needed, make tests and inspections of quality of goods and works as and when deemed essential

Certify the quality of goods and provide such information in writing to the Provincial government

Certify the final payment of the supply of the goods and works to the Provincial government

Support to develop a pool of local bridge building technical professionals for bridge construction management and quality assurance

Any other tasks as per requirements and delegation of the supervisor.

Required Qualification & Experience

Diploma in Civil Engineering. No prior job experience is required. Fresh graduate with keen learning attitude, sense of responsibility and sensitivity towards multicultural environment.

Competencies required

Readiness to conduct maximum field visits in rural areas

Keen learning attitude

Commitment towards gender equality, social inclusion and poverty reduction

Ability to work with multi-cultural team

Ability to work under time pressure

How to Apply