Resident Doctor & Municipality Healthcare Advisor

The Oda Foundation

The Oda Foundation, in tandem with local leaders, private partners and government support, develops integrative community development solutions for some of Nepal's most geographically isolated communities. Headquartered in the district of Kalikot, the foundation has worked on healthcare, education and women empowerment initiatives in Mahabai Rural Municipality and more recently expanded to agriculture and livelihood initiatives.

Job Information

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    Duty Station Kalikot
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    Type of Appointment Full time
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    No. of Openings 1 opening
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    Salary Negotiable / Monthly
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    Job Level : Mid-Level
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    Job Experience : As Per Job Detail
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    Job Category Health Care | Public Health
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    Job Qualification : Master
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    Posted Date : Sep 11, 2022

Job Description

Type: Full time
Requirements: MBBS and License holder under the Nepal Medical Council
Experience: Minimum one year of practice
Duration: 1-year contract with opportunity for extension – additional incentive for 2-year candidates
Resident Doctor & Municipality Health Advisor – Kalikot
Position Type: Full-time

Resident Doctor & Municipality Health Advisor

The Oda Foundation Resident Doctor is a position made possible by the collaboration of The Oda Foundation and Mahabai Gaunpalika. This public private partnership approach to enhancing access to and quality of healthcare in Mahabai Gaunpalika will be of utmost importance.

The Oda Foundation Resident Doctor will be responsible for overseeing the OPD within our rural clinic. She or he will work closely with our medical team to provide the highest possible quality of care to patients on a daily basis. This individual will also work closely with other Oda Foundation departments to ensure an integrative approach is taken to healthcare. The Resident Doctor will hold the highest level of formal medical education among our medical team and thus will be expected to take on a teaching role during morning meetings and whenever applicable.

The Resident Doctor will be expected to take a ‘patient centered care’ approach to the way they practice medicine. This means being able to practice medicine in a way that accounts for local context and patient needs/backgrounds. The Resident Doctor is an integral part of our healthcare efforts and is therefore expected to engage in healthcare solutions that go beyond the Oda clinic walls – collaborating with other Oda Foundation community initiatives and local government partners to achieve the most sustainable and successful outcome. This will include being involved in our effort to unite municipality-wide healthcare efforts by spending time at other health posts and with other healthcare professionals.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Working in the Oda Foundation Primary Healthcare Center as the OPD manager
  • Assisting the Oda Foundation Clinic Manager in overall clinic functioning when needed
  • Engaging in preventative healthcare programs
  • Investing in the professional development of younger medical staff members
  • Engaging with key stakeholders when necessary including: local leaders, patients, local government, private partners
  • Sitting on the Oda Foundation referral committee
  • Spending time in other health posts around the municipality and with healthcare professionals outside of the Oda Foundation team.

Required Qualification & Experience

Competence to demonstrate :

  • A desire to work in a rural and limited resource setting
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • A positive attitude with a proven track record for being a team player
  • A strong work ethic and a desire to engage in rural community development
  • Respectful mindset towards living and working conditions in Kalikot
  • A strong understanding of the importance in building local talent and local capacity
  • The ability to abide by Oda Foundation Values
  • Additional medical certificates (i.e.: abortion approval, USG machine approval, etc.) will be a plus

Working Arrangement :

  • Workstation is Mahabai Rural Municipality, Kalikot
  • The MO will be required to physically stay at least 24 days per month in working station
  • OPD hours are 10:00 am to 2:00 pm with emergency cases at any hour. The MO will serve as a doctor on call in case of emergency cases. The MO will have H.A. and other staff in supporting role

Salary and benefits :

  • Salary and benefits are negotiable and commensurate with experience

Successful candidates will have: 

  • Ultrasound training with certificate of proof
  • A desire to work in a rural setting
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • A positive attitude with a proven track record for being a team player
  • A strong work ethic and a desire to engage in rural community development
  • A strong understanding of the importance in building local talent and local capacity
  • Additional medical certificates (i.e.: abortion approval, USG machine approval, etc.)
  • The ability to abide by Oda Foundation Values (this is a must):

Care and Compassion :

  • We will demonstrate our compassion and caring through our action and words
  • We will take time to ensure each person feels listened to, secure, understood and is treated compassionately
  • We will be approachable and contribute to creating a calm and friendly atmosphere
  • We will provide a safe and caring setting for patients and staff, and an efficient, effective experience
  • We will meet people’s needs for information and involvement
  • We will be considerate, calm and proactive in solving problems.
  • We will not be aggressive or passive aggressive to anyone.

Respect, Dignity & Justice:

  • We will demonstrate respect for all staff through our words and actions.
  • We will all follow Oda rules, policies, and procedures.
  • We will accept fair and equitable punishment for all.
  • We will be polite and courteous in our communications and actions
  • We will demonstrate respect for dignity, choice, privacy and confidentiality
  • We will recognize and value uniqueness, diversity and different cultures.
  • We will be sincere, honest and constructive in giving, and open to receiving, feedback
  • We maintain a professional attitude and appearance.

Effectiveness ;

  • We will demonstrate a commitment to doing our best
  • We will be responsible and reflect on our actions
  • We will be accountable for our actions
  • We will focus on our work and practice time management by meeting all proposed deadlines.
  • We will encourage and explore ideas for improvement, innovation and creativity.
  • We will seek out opportunities to enhance our skills and expertise
  • We will work together to achieve high quality services
  • We will use our knowledge and enthusiasm to implement positive change and overcome challenges
  • We will be proactive in nature

Teamwork & Communication :

  • We will understand and value each other’s role and contribution
  • We will be fair, thoughtful, welcoming and kind to colleagues, fellows and guests.
  • We will communicate with each other and express our successes and our concerns.
  • We will offer support and encouragement to others
  • We will maximize each other’s potential and contribution through shared learning and development
  • We will recognize, share and celebrate our successes, big and small
  • We will practice coordination and collaboration inter departmentally
  • We will have a positive outlook and motivation
  • We will demonstrate commitment to the Oda foundation, patients, staff and our guests.

Openness, Honesty and Responsibility:

  • We will build trust by displaying transparency and doing what we say we will do
  • We will commit to doing what is right – even when challenged
  • We will welcome feedback as a means of informing improvements
  • We will use our resources and each other’s time efficiently and wisely
  • We will maintain and enhance public confidence in our service
  • We will be a positive role model

How to Apply

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Please send your resume and a cover letter explaining why you are the ideal candidate to, cc’ing until 29th September, 2022. If you have questions about the application process please contact at the email listed above.