Impact and Evidence Advisor

Practical Action

We help people find solutions to some of the world’s toughest problems – made worse by catastrophic climate change and persistent gender inequality. We work with communities to develop ingenious, lasting and locally owned solutions for agriculture, water and waste management, climate resilience and clean energy. We share what works with others, so many more people can change their worlds.

Job Information

Job Description

Reporting to the Head ofImpact and Learning, the post holder will support Practical Action’s Regional and Country Offices (RCOs) to mainstream quality for impact through its programming approaches. The role will focus on supporting the organisation to achieve greater impact via good MEAL processes as well as the capturing of evidence and promoting of learning. In particular this will involve leading, facilitating, and building capacity on the following:

  • Gather global evidence on the impact of our work.
  • Lead learning reviews of specific aspects of our work to help us see what technical approaches are working and why
  • Impact planning in strategy and systems mapping
  • Project design processes, including community and stakeholder engagement, and building the link to those in business development who apply for funding
  • Applying suitable and engaging good practices in monitoring and evaluation at project level, as well as country-level impact reporting
  • Embedding learning and adapting approaches through all aspects of programming including community and stakeholder accountability approaches
  • Ensuring gender is embedded throughout the strategy, programming and impact reporting processes. · Supporting country offices to plan effective methods to do external influencing with a variety of audiences.
  • Build capacity of offices by facilitating cross-country learning as well as directly running trainings and jointly as a team developing supportive guidance on various aspects of MEAL

As both MEAL and evidence gathering approaches develop in the sector and as Practical Action’s work adapts to the changing local and global context, the particular tasks required by this role may change. By working in a team of other Impact Advisors, experiences and learnings on these approaches will be shared and strengthened.


Title: Impact and Evidence Advisor

Directorate: Influence and Impact

Reporting to: Head, Impact and Learning

Direct reports:None

Groups: MEL and Gender & Inclusion groups

Relationships: RCO SMTs, MEL, Change Ambition and Business Development staff With UK Teams with special focus on Change Ambition Leads, Operations and Fundraising,

Financial scope: None

Location: Warwickshire (UK), Nepal or Kenya Note that the post holder would require Right to Work in the country for which they apply.

Duration: Long term / permanent (contract lengths could vary if based in a location outside of the UK in accordance with local practice).

 Grade: Grade and salary will be in accordance with the country which the role is recruited

Travel: Expected approximately 6 – 8 weeks per annum

Impact Planning in Strategy

Support The Regional and Country Offices (RCOs) when developing strategy to include a focus on how to achieve impact. This includes helping them integrate good practice approaches, systems thinking, system mapping of key change ambitions, stakeholder mapping, and influencing plans.

Project Design

Building capacity of RCOs to carry out quality project design processes and giving guidance and input to planned assessment and design processes. The processes should follow global good practice including participatory design processes, stakeholder analysis and engagement, development of project Theory of Change maps and then the development of M&E frameworks. The role also involves building linkages with the Business Development teams to strengthen the alignment of project design work with proposal development. It also involves giving input to key project designs.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Building capacity of the RCOs to develop strong monitoring and evaluation processes, inputting to projects around M&E approaches and tools. For larger grants the Impact Advisor will advise the RCOs on the evaluation design as well as be involved in recruiting and advising external evaluators. They may also occasionally leading internal evaluations themselves. This role will also involve helping the selected RCOs to gather evidence and indicators to report impact at a country level, including via global indicators.

Learning, Adaptation and Accountability

Building the capacity of the RCOs to embed learning and adaptation approaches through all aspects of the cycle. This includes encouraging regular reviewing and updating of the Change Ambition (sector) systems maps, building in and implementing regular learning and reflection times with communities and stakeholders in the projects, and then adapting project implementation as well as designs as needed. The position will work closely with the Business Development and Operations teams to help promote a learning and adaptation approach with the donors. Accountability to communities and stakeholders is key not only in terms of building relationships but also for improved impact of projects. The Impact Advisor will support the RCOs to develop and run formal (as well as informal) feedback and response mechanisms in projects and then to also review key feedback implications at the national level.

Gender Transformation Mainstreaming

Support to and capacity building of RCOs and global teams to embed gender transformation throughout the strategy, programming and impact reporting processes so that gender is an intrinsic lens and approach through which the programming is planned and implemented. The role also includes supporting RCOs to measure the impact of programming on different genders and to use the learnings to improve future programming as well as for influencing relevant stakeholders and decision-makers.

As a member of the Impact and Learning team, provide global direction to Practical Action to assess programming impact evidence and then either apply the learnings internally or use to influence external audiences by:

  • Manage the processes of gathering evidence of progress and impact and learnings. These may include for specific Change Ambition reviews, thematic cross-country assessments, global gender assessments, or systems change impact assessments.
  • Lead on Practical Action’s Global Indicators, and take responsibility for compiling, checking and reporting on the Global Indicators, and how they help us in articulating the impact we are having.
  • Facilitate cross-sharing of learnings between country offices and to UK teams and leadership including learnings generated from impact evidence gathering and analysis. And support country offices to use engaging cross-project learning approaches.
  • Engage with external forums to both improve Practical Action’s understanding on good programming approaches (including MEAL and gender) as well as sharing our approaches with external audiences, to promote up-scaling of good practice

Required Qualification & Experience

Experience & Knowledge :

  • Professional experience in the field of international development, preferably with a good portion of that gained in various overseas contexts.


  • Strong understanding of MEAL systems and latest good practice thinking. This includes an understanding and experience of the whole cycle from strategy, through project design processes, reflection and learning in implementation, M&E systems, and global impact evidence.
  • Strong experience of working on organisational global evidence gathering and measurement processes including thematic assessments and global indicators.
  • Experience of leading country and cross-country learning reviews to explore what approaches are working and why and why not.
  • Strong understanding and experience of both leading and building the capacity of others to carry out quality project design processes with communities and stakeholders.
  • Strong understanding and experience of both leading and building the capacity of others to develop project M&E systems as well as designing project evaluations.
  • Strong understanding and passion around the need to consider all programming from a gender lens, integrating it through all the processes and impact measurements.
  • Excellent facilitation skills with the ability to listen, and to lead, and also experienced in delivering training, in-person, remotely and through mentoring.
  • Proven ability to work with others to build capacities in a cooperative way. Good persuasion skills.
  • Ability to work in differing cultural contexts, using the most appropriate methodologies for adoption of change in each context.
  • Ability to travel up to 8 weeks per year.
  • Undergraduate or post-graduate degree in relevant subject
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills in English
  • Empathy with Practical Action’s vision, mission and values


  • Experience of leading project evaluations, including developing the approach, leading an evaluation team, and writing the report
  • Strong understanding and experience of both leading and building the capacity of others to develop theory of change / systems maps, using them for strategy and project development
  • An understanding and experience of implementing formal feedback and response mechanisms with communities and stakeholders.
  • Understanding and experience of strategy development processes including how to integrate system strengthening and influencing approaches.
  • Knowledge of and experience in safety & security management
  • Communication skills in French, Spanish, or Arabic

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates are required to fill up the form at this link: