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Habitat for Humanity works closely with all sectors — community, public, private and civic — to create a tangible difference in the lives of families through adequate, affordable housing. Volunteers are known as the hands and hearts of Habitat’s work. International volunteers on Global Village builds or local volunteers at build sites contribute their labor while others raise funds or…

Job Information

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    Duty Station Kathmandu
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    Type of Appointment Full time
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    No. of Openings 1 opening
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    Salary Negotiable / Monthly
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    Job Level : Mid-Level
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    Posted Date : Aug 03, 2022

Job Description

Type of Service Consultant Assignment (Individual Consultant/ Firm)
Habitat Nepal Sanepa, Lalitpur, NEPAL
Consultancy duration 29 August till 30 November 2022



Habitat for Humanity International’s Global Impact (GI) 2025 envisions the expansion of breadth and depth of Habitat for Humanity impact to address the global challenges and reduce the global housing deficit. To accomplish this, we continue to deliver programs that are people-centered, we cultivate partnerships with complementary institutions, donors and partners for systemic change and we strengthen and ensure our programming quality that caters to the needs of the most vulnerable communities.

By undertaking an independent external Strategic Workforce Planning, Habitat for Humanity International Nepal (Habitat Nepal) aims to analyze the organization’s current human resources strength, organizational structuring and identify gaps there-in to successfully operationalize and achieve the aspirations of GI 2025.The findings and recommendations of such an analysis will support Habitat Nepal’s future direction and how best we mobilize our staff based on their competencies, knowledge, skills and interest that contributes pro-actively to our vision.

 Why is it important?                                                                                                                           

Strategic developments: An organization is a living entity. Over time, the strategic direction of an organization needs to be revisited to accommodate changing local and global context. A learning organization, together with its human resources must continuously evolve to adapt proactively to these externalities. Workforce planning provides opportunities to reflect critically on existing HR practices and organizational culture and make revisions and amendments, as necessary.

Changes in funding landscape: The funding landscape in the development context is continuously changing. As global crises maximize, development budgets continue to shrink under massive competition and division over prime global agendas. Although Habitat Nepal does, at present, receive generous unrestricted resources, we must overtime strategize on ways to leverage more resources to operate innovative programs on the ground and brand our profile well with partners, donors, and stakeholders.

Staff Engagement and Retention: With a robust workforce plan, an organization can put into place and effective staff engagement and retention plan, whereby it makes the best use of current staff

skills, knowledge and expertise and align it with emerging priorities as well as staff job interest. This will reduce unnecessary hires and encourage internal workforce internal transfers or promotions, internal vacancies and appointments to new roles or adding new responsibilities to the existing position. As a result, the organization will be able to enhance and create opportunities for staff’s personal and professional growth to learn and grow in new positions, while strengthening institutional talent pool. Such initiatives help the organization to continuously motivate staff while reducing skill shortage and staff turnover.

Succession planning- This is key to any growing organization. Workforce planning helps in adapting to future needs by identifying and putting into place a second line of management/ leadership and building their capacity continuously.

 Implementation timelines                                                                                                                                            


Action plan Timelines
Gathering of information and presenting it to consultant for review-

Ø  Habitat Global/AP Human Resources Strategy document.

Ø  Employee engagement survey results- past two years.

Ø  Staff job descriptions.

Ø  Organization chart.

Ø  Individual meetings with all staff (in person/virtual).

Planned      by the consultant.

August          & September 2022

Consultant to read the documents, hold meetings with each staff to identify the current problems, needs, and provide suggestions on how to address them relating to skills, work they currently do, their aspirations etc., internal

communications/behavior of supervisors, work culture/ environment etc.

1st Draft Findings report & presentation to SMT.

Collect the feedback and inputs from SMT and incorporate them in the final report.

17      October 2022
AP HR shall play the guidance and advisory role during this process. To review the draft findings report.

Consultant can conduct meetings with AP HR if required.

AP HR’s role is for oversight to ensure Habitat Nepal Workforce Planning is fair, transparent, and aligned with the global mission.

2nd Draft report present to SMT (include the SMT inputs) 4    November 2022
Final Strategic Workforce Planning report. 25 November 2022

 Technical Proposal                                                                                                                                            

The technical proposal must address all the requirements to ensure the Workforce Planning Deliverables are met.


  1. Human Resources SOWT analysis (of each department/staff).
  2. Recommendation list on how Workforce Planning (Strategic and Operational) will address Habitat Nepal’s HR challenges (Weakness & Threat).
  3. A streamlined organization chart best fit for future
  4. Final Strategic Workforce Planning report- this report will include various HR strategies to be implemented by Habitat Nepal, the budget/resources required to implement it:
  • Workload analysis of staff and revised/updated job
  • Analyze existing workforce, talent availability and identify understaffed department(s)/unit and potential
  • Department re-alignment.
  • Identify staffing requirements to scale operations in new geographical
  • Proposal for new job titles/nomenclature and career level
  • Implications of revised nomenclature on grade and
  • Need to create new
  • Proposal for staff development, capacity building and
  • Identify current knowledge skill gap in workforce and L&D for

 Financial Proposal                                                                                                                                            

The individual consultant/ firm should present their financial proposal for the assignment in a separate document. If field travel is required, the travel cost will be paid by Habitat Nepal to cover for travel, accommodation and per-diem.


Full and final payment shall be made to the consultant on submission and acceptance of the Final Report.

 Ethical Protocols                                                                                                                                          

Throughout the assignment engagements, the consultants are expected to adhere to Habitat Nepal code of conduct including the safeguarding policy ensuring that all measures are taken to protect the rights, safety, and welfare of the individuals and communities involved

Required Qualification & Experience

Experience required                                                                                                                                             

  • The individual HR Consultant/HR firm with minimum of 5 years of experience in Strategic Workforce
  • Must have    worked    with    INGOs    to    conduct    similar assignment     with         good

 Documents required                                                                                                                                           

  • Interested consultants to submit their Technical and Financial
  • Firm/company profile with a list of past clients in related
  • Copies of report of prior related works with testimonials/recommendations from former clients.
  • A copy of firm/company registration
  • A copy of PAN/VAT registration certificate.
  • A copy of tax clearance certificate of most recent fiscal year (applicable for firms).

CV of experts proposed with citizenship copy.

How to Apply

Interested individual HR consultant/ HR firms should submit their technical and financial proposal including testimonials/recommendations in the form of hardcopies in a separate sealed/closed envelope. Please send the closed EOI with subject- Strategic Workforce Planning.

To Human Resources Department, Habitat for Humanity International- Nepal, Sanepa Chowk, Lalitpur – 2, P.O. Box: 24037, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Or send email application to:

Application deadline: August 10, 2022



Human Resources Department, Habitat for Humanity International Nepal

In accordance with its foundational mission principles, Habitat for Humanity International is committed to the highest ethical standards and opposes all forms of discrimination, exploitation, and abuse. We intend to create and maintain a work and living environment that is safe, productive, and respectful for our colleagues and for all we serve.

We require that all staff take seriously their ethical responsibilities to Safeguarding (Child Protection, Prevention of Sexual Exploitation Harassment and Abuse) our intended beneficiaries, their communities (especially children), and all those with whom we work. In line with the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse, all staff must pass a thorough background screening, police check and will be held accountable to upholding our policies around ethical behavior, including safeguarding and whistleblowing


Habitat for Humanity International Nepal is an equal opportunity organization. Women, persons with disabilities, marginalized and disadvantage communities, and local candidates are encouraged to apply.


Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further steps in recruitment. However, habitat for Humanity International Nepal reserves the right to accept or reject any applications without assigning any reasons whatsoever.