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Possible is a collaboration between an independent Nepal-based non-governmental organization and a US-based non-profit. We are two entities who operate independently, with a mutually interdependent partnership and a common goal of supporting health innovation in Nepal. Possible engages in rigorous and collaborative research and innovation to address evidence, implementation, and policy gaps in the equity, quality and accessibility of healthcare.…

Job Information

Job Description


The Executive Director will be mainly responsible for overseeing the following areas of responsibilities.

Build and drive the strategic direction, good governance and overall research partnerships of the organization

  • Lead the organization in building the strategic direction in line with and in pursuit of the organization mission and vision;
  • Provide strategic leadership working together with the Board, team members, partners and advisors through participatory and collaborative approach;
  • Support a strong and diverse Board, including recruiting, and managing Board relations, and leveraging resources for greater partnership;
  • Ensure good governance, transparency and compliance of the NGO functions by creating and implementing corresponding accountability and monitoring mechanisms;
  • Support implementation of sound financial practices and integrity in line with Nepal laws and in synergy with organizational values and alignment with partners and donors;
  • Prepare the annual plan and budget for approval by Board of Directors;
  • Implement financial accountability, cost control measures for effective budget implementation;
  • Set operational targets and standards for Possible in pursuit of its mission and vision
  • Connect Possible’s work to the broader local, national and global policy and practice discussions and best practices;
  • Augment fellowship program for individuals/researchers from under-represented communities by working closely with the partners, advisors and the team members;
  • Develop and maintain appropriate linkages as well as liaise with government, development partners, INGOs, NGOs and network for raising Possible’s profile;
  • Work towards creating an ecosystem of critically minded health researchers in Nepal and outside for collaborative high-quality healthcare delivery research to address healthcare challenges including but not limited to neglected areas, issues, conditions, and the inclusion of historically marginalized and oppressed communities.

Lead research and innovation portfolio of work, including fundraising through grant writing and development, and knowledge dissemination

  • Lead the strategy and exploration of new opportunities for research and non-research grants, and academic partnership opportunities together with the Board, Possible 501c3, and Possible advisors;
  • Provide strategic direction and support to revenue development, particularly with NIH and Non-NIH research grant opportunities;
  • Explore Nepal based funding mechanisms and engage in strategic conversation with local institutions, including government and academic partners;
  • Lead research efforts that advance social justice in Nepal, and globally;
  • Work with the Board, team members, advisors and partners to strategically identify areas for collaboration around research, including funding opportunities and grants;
  • Remain up to date on funding opportunities that exist for low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) PIs, and work with the team to identify and write content for scientific awards;
  • Serve as Co-PI or Multi PI on US National Institutes of Health and other international research awards;
  • Create mechanisms and forums for the shared learning of research and healthcare delivery across the organization;
  • Ensure the data integrity and ethical execution of all components of research program;
  • Continuously engage with team members, partners and advisors to ensure research execution is effective, and ensuring relevant capacity to roll out the research activities;
  • Set up standards, policies, procedures and mechanisms for proper implementation, documentation and publication of our research work;
  • Disseminate the research findings and learning to the wider health-related stakeholders in primary collaboration with our research partners and NHRC;
  • Advocate for the public sector buy-in in the innovations of the organization, and provide policy inputs based on the research outcomes for the formulation and amendment of the national policies;
  • Serve as lead or co-author on publications that advance the strategic policy priorities of the organization;

Provide stewardship in building the team and embedding organizational values in the work culture

  • Build and drive our strategies to attract and retain diverse talents in the organization;
  • Provide direct oversight of staff members emphasizing and supporting work/life balance, professional growth, and open communication
  • Oversee the organizations general administrative, strategic, and technical functions, and the overall organizational culture and operational efficiency;
  • Responsible for delegation, decision-making, creating clear staff roles, and supervising collaborative tasks to ensure that they are done efficiently, inclusively, and with respect;
  • Set up the systems, structure and accountability mechanisms to drive Possible’s mission, vision and goals;
  • Uplift our work culture and core values at every stage of an employee’s life cycle in the organization;
  • Cultivate workplace practice and culture rooted in equity, justice and diversity for personal and professional growth of the team members;
  • Leverage internal audit to help assess and monitor operationalization of organizational culture and core values
  • Ensure robust reporting procedures/processes in place including capturing indicators or organizational health and culture.
  • Ensure organization cultures and core values are embedded in risk management, decision making and strategic thinking process.
  • Serve as a brand ambassador for Possible and encourage the team members to do so leading by example.

The above list of responsibilities is not comprehensive, and the Executive Director may be required to take on additional responsibilities, as determined by the Board Chair.

Click this link for a PDF of the full job description

Required Qualification & Experience


  1. Commitment to Possible’s Mission, Vision and Values: The Executive Director leads by example in advancing and advocating for Possible’s vision, mission, values and culture. S/he needs to hold others accountable and have an unshakeable commitment to the values and culture we are trying to build.
  2. Gender Equity and Social Inclusion Understanding and Experience: The Executive Director is responsible for safeguarding gender equity and social inclusion perspective into the team dynamics and organization. S/he/they ensures continuous learning and reflection on creating an inclusive environment and implementation of accountability mechanisms.
  3. Leadership and Management Skills: The Executive Director must have strong leadership qualities, and good planning and management skills.
  4. Research proposal and grant writing and development skills
  5. Strong Communication skills: The Executive Director must demonstrate strong communication skills for maintaining positive relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
  6. Humility: The Executive Director must approach the work with humility, an open mind, a culture of openness, curiosity and continuous learning (or unlearn!) to ensure we are staying accountable to our values, our mission and vision.
  7. People Centered: The Executive Director must value diversity in the organization and ensure continuous support to enable all employees to flourish and work optimally.
  1. Qualifications: PhD or equivalent with minimum of ten years of research experience, including senior management role in NGOs/INGOs. Excellent Command in written and spoken English and Nepali. Nepali Citizen based in Nepal.

How to Apply


Email CV and cover letter to recruitment@possiblehealth.org. When applying please include name and position in the subject line. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until June 18, 2021. If we are interested in your submission we will contact you to advance the application process. Please note that due to a large volume of applications, your application may not be responded to.