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URJAA is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established in April 2005 A.D. It prepares and empowers young people in Nepal to be at the forefront of change through youth-led development. URJAA has led projects in WASH, Education, Livelihoods, and Sexual and Reproductive Health. URJAA is the partner organization for the implementation of the Norwegian Agency for Exchange Cooperation (NOREC) of Restless Development, Nepal.

The global citizenship toolkit introduced various facets and meanings of global situations and various requirements of the global citizenry. It then raises awareness about the global commitments (SDGs) of the world community. These global commitments focus on poverty and Inequality, Health and well-being, and Economic and prosperity as these are the major challenges, especially in the developing parts of the world. The toolkit has been created to help young people design and deliver the sessions on Global Citizenship under the “Youth Take The Lead” project of URJAA. The intent of the toolkit is to prepare a pool of young people who are vocal about the global phenomenon and understand the need to act at the local level to effect changes at the global level.