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Nepal CRS Company

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Nepal CRS Company, a pioneer social marketing company in Nepal, started its operation in 1978 with the launch of its first condom brand- Dhaal and oral contraceptive brand Gulaf, with the support of USAID. Since then, CRS has established itself as a key driver in the growth of Nepal’s private health sector. It continues to successfully distribute low-cost family planning (FP), maternal child health (MCH) and other health products through its innovative social marketing initiatives and extensive distribution network. CRS contributes approximately 25% to the overall national FP achievements on reversible methods (NDHS 2011).  CRS received additional support from KfW, German Development bank in 1997 under German Financial Cooperation with Nepal Family Health Program to further expand its products suite in FP and MCH category.Until now, CRS has introduced 13 FP, HIV prevention, MCH and many of CRS’s products have become household names throughout the country.