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Heifer International

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Heifer International (HI) started life as Heifers for Relief in 1944. Its founder, an Ohio farmer named Dan West, was a Church of the Brethren relief worker, who, working with Quakers and Mennonites, directed a program where hungry children were given rations of milk. He quickly came to realize that was just a short-term solution however and the gift of a cow that could provide milk long term for a family was the answer. West took the idea to his neighbors and to his church which led to the formation of the Heifers for Relief Committee in 1939 later to be approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to pursue the idea as a national project. The model has since evolved significantly and today, Heifer International has (India/Nepal/Bangladesh/Cambodiaoperations in 21 countries around the world, working alongside local farmers and business owners supporting them and their communities as they mobilize and envision their futures. Since its inception, and today as a leading organization in the NGO community, Heifer has been recognized as a leading partner; one that provides hope and a secure future for so many and to date, Heifer International has helped close to 37 million farming families across the Americas, Africa and Asia. In the past five years alone, 2.7 million families have closed the living income gap or are close to doing so. Scaling Heifer International’s signature programs will support an additional 10 million people reach a living income by 2030. To achieve this, Heifer International relies on a her passionate, committed, and highly skilled staff.