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EkGhanti Services Pvt. Ltd.

About Company:

Reimagining a better telephone, communication and customer experience. EkGhanti Services is an NTA recognized Telecom Value Added Services Provider. Established in 2017 after two years of Research, Development and Copyrighting technology, EkGhanti Services provides a wide range of preset and custom services opting the usage of Missed Calls, SIP, aIVR, ePBX, SMS and Voice Technologies. Our area of expertise lies in the development of customizable applications for enterprise over telecommunication technologies. These services are the foundation of our three milestones :- Reach, Engage and Impact. User Driven : With EkGhanti Banking, whenever a user requires specific services, they provide a missed call to the EkGhanti number to retrieve any information via SMS, the entire interaction is initiated and driven by your user. This not only adds up the value to your business but also creates a good user engagement. Easy and Free Technology : Customers are unique, even if they want the same things. More better if they get them for free and easy. Since EkGhanti Services is a missed call based platform, your users don’t have to perform complex functions and still can get connected and their enquiries answered via SMS. Effective Communication : The value of your company completely depends on how effectively you communicate with your customers. And what might be the best way to communicate via SMS delivered to them triggered by Missed Calls. No doubt everyone opens a SMS and it’s internet independent. SMS reaches directly to your customers’ cellphone and stays there for a significantly longer Time.