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Child Watabaran Center Nepal

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Child Watabaran Center, Nepal (CWCN) is a non-governmental organization directly working with vulnerable children and children in different circumstances in Nepal since 2002 A. D. with the aim of making a street child an independent and dignified citizen in the society by providing education and vocational training and most importantly a family, a home for them. From the year of 2019, CWCN has strategically changed its working modality. Now, CWCN’s core mission is to protect the children, prevent children’s vulnerability to exploitation, discrimination, parent-lessness, violence and other health and social hazards and to make local government more responsible towards promotion and protection of child rights. It is focusing its all the activities on strengthening and empowering the destitute families that can ensure their children’s rights on their own. It is reaching out to the most vulnerable and deprived children and ensure that they have access to fundamental rights to education, health and protection services.